Why do we still read "140 years old" Lu Xun today

  The important thing is not to worship the youth, including the youth themselves, and not to be complacent about this age advantage, but to think about the meaning of the youth as an identity.


  October 19, 2021, is the 85th anniversary of Lu Xun's death, and this year is also the 140th anniversary of Lu Xun's birth.

  Anyone who has books at home will almost certainly have several works by Lu Xun.

As early as 1938, there was the first version of "The Complete Works of Lu Xun", and the "Complete Works of Lu Xun Publishing House" was specially established for this set of books. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the People's Literature Publishing House published only the "Complete Works of Lu Xun". 1958 edition, 1981 edition, 2005 edition.

There are other publishing houses, and other pamphlets, especially on the 140th anniversary of the birthday. In addition to the public version of Lu Xun’s works, works written by others about Lu Xun have also been published. : The Biography of Lu Xun, "Such Lu Xun"...

  In September, a meeting to commemorate the 140th anniversary of Lu Xun’s birth was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, and the launch ceremony of the new book "Complete Works of Lu Xun’s Manuscripts" was held at the National Library... In addition to these national commemorative activities, Lu Xun actually did it in another way. Live in the sight of young people.

  "You are biting a melon" "There is also a jujube tree" as the print on the T-shirt, "You are a good person" "I have always been like this, right?" "It was indeed what I said" and became the slogan on the bookmark... When many contemporary writers' works have become classics—the kind that was put on the shelf, Lu Xun is still at the forefront of fashion.

  The birth of a "stalk" requires a broad cognitive foundation and recognition. This also shows from the side that Lu Xun's texts are being read by generations of young people.

Lu Xun is already "140 years old", why do we still read him?

  This year’s young people’s intimate contact with Lu Xun comes from two sources: one is from Chinese textbooks, "From Baicao Garden to Sanwei Bookstore", "Kong Yiji", and "Madman's Diary"... That is Lu Xun constructed by textbooks; the other is Many things can be said by Mr. Lu Xun in online jokes. Runtu and Xu have also become a kind of CP, which is Lu Xun who has been deconstructed by subculture.

  However, when film and television works such as "The Awakening Age" turned out, a different relationship between us and Lu Xun over the years became apparent.

What he said is "a bit of heat, a bit of light" has both ideals and reality. The two jujube trees have also surpassed the value of "stems" and stand as a kind of eternity-young people have the possibility of reconstructing Lu Xun.

  We also like to read Lu Xun, probably because he has a spirit of timeless exploration.

I don’t know if the road ahead is bright or not, I don’t know if the efforts will have results, but as long as I identify a path, I can go on.

No matter in the era when it is necessary to save the country and the people, or in the present, such enthusiasm will never lack followers.

  And very importantly, this kind of enthusiasm is not a juvenile impulse, but a kind of tenaciousness that "just like this" but wants to fight again, or to put it simply, face life.

As everyone knows, Lu Xun is not good at speaking, he has never hit the nail on the head, and does not follow the warmth of affection; by coincidence, the young people in this year also don't believe in chicken soup.

After experiencing social forging, saying "lying down" or "felling", I prefer to understand it as a kind of bottom-line consciousness. Once lying down, no one can hit me, and then I can stand up. After seeing the truth of life, Doesn't prevent me from still loving life.

  On this point, Lu Xun coincides with us.

Lu Xun and Xu Guangping's "Book of Two Places" talked about the war of resistance, which was a "desperate war of resistance"; but he also said that "despair" was only the first step, and there should be a second step behind-the "war of resistance".

Lu Xun said more than once that he did not expect "quick victory" or even "inevitable victory", but for a true warrior, it was the courage to face the bleak life and the blood dripping.

Lu Xun's articles on hand in hand with the darkness set an example for us today.

  What's more, the characters in Lu Xun's works have not gone far.

"New Stories" is the most typical example. The protagonists in it are Nuwa, Chang'e, Dayu...In short, they are too old to be old anymore; even if it is a "new edition", it is already 80 or 90 years ago. .

But these people and things, changed their names, are the appearances of the moment.

  Deng Xiaomang said in "Lonely Lu Xun": "Years ago, I heard a friend talk about the fact that although China's written history is thousands of years, it is actually no more than a jiaozi, a 60-year cycle. At that time, I laughed. I thought it was very witty, but it was not necessarily an exaggeration. Unexpectedly, when commemorating the 60th anniversary of Mr. Lu Xun’s death, I turned over the article written by Mr. Lu Xun and was amazed as it was written yesterday!” It was 1996, and it was 25. Years have passed, and this is still true.

  Time seems to be ineffective for Lu Xun, but for most people, time is very important.

For example, regardless of books, film and television, art... now all walks of life want to seize or even to please young people, after all, the preferences of young people determine the basic market for the future audience of the industry.

But for young people, Lu Xun was not pleased. Later on, he even had a puzzle: must the new youth be more advanced than the old ones?

  Lu Xun said in "Answer You Heng": "So far, I have always been optimistic, thinking that it is probably the old people who oppress and kill young people. Such old people are gradually dying, and China is always relatively alive. Now I know it is not the case. It seems that the killing of young people is probably young people, and they have no regrets for other lives and youth that cannot be recreated."

  He wrote so heartily, but Lu Xun did not give up on young people. He was keen to help young people like Xiao Hong, Xiao Jun, and Rou Shi. He still cared for youth and idealism; what he did was still “hold on his shoulders”. The dark gate, let them go to a bright and wide place."

Therefore, the important thing is not to worship the youth, including the youth themselves, and not to be complacent about this age advantage, but to think about the meaning of the identity of the youth.

  The writer Yu Hua gave a speech. Most of the previous pages were about how he hated Lu Xun back then. Even when he became a writer and was called the spiritual successor of Lu Xun, he felt that he was belittling his writing.

One of the reasons is that when he was a child, Lu Xun was not only a writer's name, but also a vocabulary that represented eternal correctness and eternal revolution.

  When he was in elementary school, Yu Hua and his classmates were arguing about when the sun was closest to the earth, and they couldn't help but argue, until Yu Hua moved out of Lu Xun: "Mr. Lu Xun said that the sun is the closest to the earth at noon!" The other party lowered his head sadly: "Mr. Lu Xun." Say the same, you must be right, I was wrong."

  Later, the times changed again. When Lu Xun returned from a vocabulary to a writer, Yu Hua rediscovered him.

Lu Xun wrote a mentally disordered "madman" with just one sentence, "Otherwise, the dog of the Zhao family should look at me." Yu Hua admired it with five bodies.

Only when a person returns to the scope of discussion and willingness to discuss, his greatness will flash in his mortal body.

  Lu Xun now is a mortal.

For example, we know that he not only understands literature, but also knows how to dress and is a fashion KOL.

Xu Shoushang said in "Impressions of the Dead Friend Lu Xun", "When he was teaching in Hangzhou... he put on a new coat. The style is very similar to the current Chinese tunic suit. This was made by a tailor made by his own ingenuity."

He not only understands life, but also provides a love guide-the nicknames of "little hedgehog" and "little white elephant" between Lu Xun and Xu Guangping, which make today's young people feel uncomfortable.

  Lu Xun, who is not afraid of time and defeats time, and who is not pleased with the youth, has caught the youth of Lu Xun. But Lu Xun, who has such a mortal taste, teaches me how to not read him?

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