Stephen King, the master of horror novels and the world's best-selling author, shared his review of watching 'The Squid Game'.

On the 16th, Stephen King wrote on his Twitter, "The lesson of the 'squid game' is 'Keep your mouth shut and catch an egg'."

These are some of the lines of the villain Jang Deok-soo, played by Heo Seong-tae in the Netflix drama 'Squid Game'.

The Korean line was "Let's eat and live together", but the English subtitles translate to "Shut your mouth and grab an egg".

Stephen King also replied, "When a netizen asked, "Watching 'Squid Game', didn't you remember your own work, 'Running Man'?" He replied, "I remembered 'Running Man' and 'Long Walk'."

The 'Long Walk' mentioned by Stephen King is his first full-length novel, writing famous novels such as 'The Shining' and 'Misery', 'The Shawshank Redemption' and 'The Mist'. 'Long Walk' is set in a fictional United States that has become a totalitarian state, and depicts boys participating in 'Long Walk', a national sport with the support of 100 teenage boys, who walk until only one remains.

Also, 'Running Man' is a work published in 1982 by Stephen King under the pseudonym Richard Bachman, and is a novel set in 2025, when the gap between the rich and the poor and environmental pollution reached its peak.

'Squid Game', which was released on Netflix on the 17th of last month, is a work dealing with a survival game in which participants risk their lives to win a prize of 45.6 billion won.

'Mugunghwa Flower', 'Dalgona Draw', 'Tug of War', and 'Squid Game', which any Korean would have enjoyed as a child, appeared as subjects. I did.

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