Former executives of a tourist farm management company in Okayama Prefecture, who were arrested in an investment fraud case involving the sale of fruits to overseas, even if the card company inquires about a customer who invested with a credit card According to an interview with the people concerned, I was instructed not to answer the name of the company or the purpose of the investment.

Five people, including Hirotoshi Ito (37), a former executive of Nishiyama Farm, which operates a tourist farm in Okayama Prefecture, told an office worker in Yokohama City during the two months until February, "Fruits overseas. If you invest in a business that sells, you will return the dividend every month by adding it to the purchase price. " Was sent to.

According to people familiar with the matter, former executives should not answer to customers who purchase products such as fruits using a credit card, even if the card company inquires about the purchase details, the name of the company or the purpose of the investment. It means that he was instructing.

In addition, he requested that he not accept the transaction details of the account to which the card was withdrawn or the submission of a copy of the passbook.

The police are investigating the details, assuming that they were trying to prevent the actual situation of the business from being discovered through the card company because high payments are repeated with credit cards.

Police have not disclosed the approval or disapproval of the five.

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