“Leave the business open, it makes a profit.

It is 153 people.

153 lives.

On October 7, employees of the H & M store in Le Bourget began a strike to denounce the sudden closure of their site, announced in early June.

The group mentions financial reasons, but the employees believe in a relocation: “When you have financial problems, you don't invest in other warehouses when you have one that belongs to you.

For example, in 2020, they opened a second warehouse in Spain, ”explains a CGT delegate.

This closure means the elimination of 153 jobs, a tragedy for many employees: “We're from 93, it's disadvantaged neighborhoods.

There is not a lot of work.

They are mothers, single mothers, divorced mothers, women who have rebuilt themselves, women who have been beaten.

That's what kept them alive.

This is our life, this is our life.

In front of the building, employees educate passers-by to their action.

They want the government to intervene.

The strike of the employees of the H & M warehouse can be found in the video of our partner Brut. 

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