Recently, in the Fuxi Wild Monkey Valley, Tangkou Town, at the foot of Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area, Anhui, a video of a suspected "sika deer" being chased by a domestic dog has attracted attention on the Internet.

  On the 18th, after a series of careful investigations, the police confirmed that the animal is a national first-level protected wild sika deer, with intact horns, male, about 50 cm tall and 150 cm long, and it is likely to run down the mountain to find food from nearby.

  According to Ye Yaoqing, a senior engineer from the Landscape Bureau of the Management Committee of Huangshan Scenic Area, the traces of wild sika deer discovered this time are the first in 40 years.

  The sika deer returned to the forest under the protection of the villagers.

(Liu Hao Wang Na produced Li Jiali)

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]