There is something to make faces at the pump.

As demand picks up with the economic recovery, oil-producing countries continue to limit production, pushing fuel prices up.

As a result, a liter of diesel is worth an average of 1.5583 euros, two cents more than last week, a record broken.

The fuel check not approved

The findings are the same regardless of your poison.

The SP 95 gasoline flirts with its 2012 record, at 1.6567 euros per liter.

Real fuel Olympics.

The government has announced on several occasions that it is considering setting up a device to limit the impact of this increase on the basket of French people.

"There will be short-term action," President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday.

The Ministers of Economy Bruno Le Maire and of the Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili said Monday they preferred a device of the fuel check type to a reduction in taxes.

But "there is still work to be done", affirmed the first, while the second explains that "we do not have today, as for the energy check, a database of all the people who could have it. need ".


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