"Now, I don't write'I can't pass it'!" Recently, Zhou Mingxian, an old man from Xiangshi Town, Longchang City, Neijiang, Sichuan, said after practicing calligraphy that he had copied millions of Chinese four masterpieces in 9 years.

Zhou Mingxian, 72, is a former employee of a food factory in Longchang County, Sichuan Province.

He went to the countryside to become an educated youth at the age of 18. He also began to practice handwriting because he envied others to write good handwriting.

  When Zhou Mingxian was an educated youth, he often used scrap newspapers to compare copybooks to practice.

At the beginning, writing for a few hours will cause pain in the joints of the hands.

At that time, he didn’t have much money to buy pens and paper, so he could only save it: a few penny brushes were too bad to be used before they were thrown away; he cut a one-meter-long rice paper into more than ten sheets and bound them into practice. Font.

This is an admirable experience: from 2000 to 2009, he used lowercase to copy the four major Chinese masterpieces "A Dream of Red Mansions", "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", "Water Margin" and "Journey to the West". Million words.

"Writing can make you relax and you don't have to think about anything." Zhou Mingxian said.

  (Wang Jue produced Li Jiali's video source Neijiang Daily Rong Media Center)

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