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Mabkhout is a victim of others

Mosad Al-Harthy

October 19, 2021

The reason is the team's continuous failures for a long time, and our assessment of the situation is still unknown, and it is unfortunate that we are all frustrated and not good at dealing with crises or responding to them in a way that reduces losses to return to the right track, and the reason is the wrong diagnosis, and the decisions and actions that result from the wrong diagnosis.

Based on the wrong diagnosis, our decisions will certainly be wrong or random, and we all discuss and agree that we hope our team will win, but the level of the team made us dream of winning while we are in deep sleep and the reality is great losses, and we have reached a stage that unfortunately is not considered criticism but rather a clear abuse and attack on people we love, Our anger was at their performance and their failure to fight for the national team, and unfortunately, we deviated from the path and departed from the limits of respect, and I agree that all the elements of the football system are short, not only the players, and they do not benefit from mistakes or from constructive criticism, and the victim was Ali Mabkhout, the moral player, and the attack of a few The fans who treat the mistake with a bigger mistake, and it is painful and unfortunate that some analysts and media people share the error with serious accusations that we reject and they have no right to question the players of the national team. And don't forget the employee who comes toWork and leave without any effort, which usually has no value in excellence. Testing employees and determining their efficiency and distinction and motivating them for continuity depends on who manages the work system and the way in which he deals with them, and sometimes the defect is unfortunately from the management method in the inability to create an appropriate environment To work, while others are in a race with excellence, because we cling to passion and lose flexibility and agility in work, which sometimes calls for using the force of law to work on the public interest, and we may exclude those who are not fit to carry out tasks and duties to reach goals.

Mabkhout is a key player in the coach’s choices, the opportunities that are naturally lost and occur with any striker in the world, and question marks about the coach’s employment of the national team players as a system, and Mabkhout is an individual in a group, and the other question mark on the national team committee is to hold the coach accountable and not random dismissal, but to refer to contracts and hold him accountable according to To the regulations and laws, because the coach is subject to evaluation, and to confirm that the money he receives in return for tasks and duties to serve the national team, and not for tourism and fundraising across the Emirates.

Mabkhout is a key player in the coach's choices, and missed opportunities are normal and happen to any striker in the world.

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