JR Shikoku's sightseeing train "Iyonada Monogatari", which runs in Ehime Prefecture, will be transformed into a more luxurious train in the spring of next year, with the addition of a new train that has almost private rooms.

At a press conference held in Matsuyama City, JR Shikoku announced the renewal of the sightseeing train "Iyonada Monogatari".

According to this, all the cars will be renewed, and the current 2-car 1 formation will be changed to a 3-car 1 formation by adding the 3rd car.

Car 3 was named "Yoka no Sho" with the word "Haruka", which indicates time and space, with warmth and gorgeousness. Vehicles can be reserved like a suite.

While the entire exterior makes the best use of the current red and golden colors, it is the first JR Shikoku vehicle to be painted metallic to make it look more like the setting sun, and the hand-washing pots and tableware inside the car are traditional crafts of Ehime. Tobe ware is used.

The female artist who attended the press conference said, "We will make use of our experience to provide tableware that will make everyone more happy."

After the renewal next spring, the schedule will be the same as the current one, with four flights a day between Matsuyama Station and Iyo-Ozu Station / Yawatahama Station.

On the other hand, a limited express fare is required for the fare, and a private room fare of 28,000 yen is required for the green private room of car 3 in addition to the fare for the number of people and the limited express fare.

Shoji Nagato, General Manager of the Railway Business Division of JR Shikoku, said, "Customers have not returned yet, but we would like to sell it as a detonator for after-corona as much as possible with the support of the region."

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