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The news, which came to light last Friday, did not leave anyone indifferent.

Although we are used to paying an 'extra' price for bags in the supermarket, doing it in



seems to be something that we have yet to assimilate.

The initiative promoted by


aims to help the


, in fact, according to official sources of the firm, everything collected by the bags will go to different


whose objective is to combat climate change.

It is a standard that is already implemented in countries such as Germany and that the brand intends to extend to all the places where it has a presence, as reported by Europa Press.


The measure, which is already underway, involves the collection of

10 cents per bag and 20 per envelope

in all the firms of the company founded by

Amancio Ortega


However, we find some difference between them.


Massimo Dutti,

any of your bags will have a price of

35 cents

and for the large

Lefties you will pay 15



, which this week will also apply this measure in Austria and Belgium, frames its decision in its progress in terms of


after eliminating plastic bags last year to replace them with other recycled paper.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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