It is not this Monday that you will get your license or your code, and you will have to remain pedestrian a little longer.

The driving license inspectors have received a strike call from the Force Ouvrière union to denounce the shortage of staff and the privatization of exams.

In Ouest-France, the union believes that privatization has led to "an increase in the cost of training, due to the significant drop in the pass rate for the highway code examination, abandoned by the State since 2016 in private operators ”.

As the BFM website reminds us, since the last reform in 2015, candidates can revise the code only on the internet before taking the exam.

The union believes that this leads to "an explosion of fraud [...] with potential consequences for road safety".

Due to the shortage of staff, the number of places and examinations of the permit has decreased, lengthening the delays.

The union is therefore asking for more new staff.


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