According to SOS Dolfijn, the rare dolphin that has been swimming in the Oosterschelde in Zeeland for at least two days now has to try to find its way back to the North Sea.

According to Annemarie van den Berg, spokesperson for the organization, it will be very difficult to guide the dolphin back to sea.

"To return to the safe North Sea, the animal has to swim back through the flood defence," she says.

"Whales and dolphins find their way with the help of sonar," explains Van den Berg.

"That then hits something, such as against the water barrier, and dolphins find it exciting to swim through that. We know they won't do that anytime soon."

Unfortunately, the dolphin in the Oosterschelde has not yet found its way out.

The animal was also seen in several places this morning.

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According to Van den Berg, based on descriptions and images, it concerns a bottlenose dolphin.

Bottlenose dolphins usually cannot survive well in the Oosterschelde because the right food is not available.

"The best opportunity to help the bottlenose dolphin is when the animal is stranded, for example because of the tide on a sandbank. But the disadvantage is that, once above water, this can cause a lot of damage to the organs due to the changed pressure," says Van den Mountain.

SOS Dolphin has been monitoring the animal since Sunday.

So far it seems to be going well with the tumbler.

"It appears to be a healthy animal and the swimming activity is good."

The organization is ready with a team to help the animal if it turns out to be necessary.

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