Lebanon: October 17, the failed revolution

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Demonstrators gather in front of the symbol of the Lebanese protest movement, in Beirut, on October 17, 2021, with a sign where we can read “All of them” means “all of them”, in allusion to the Lebanese political class.

(Illustrative image) © Anwar Amro / AFP

By: Noé Pignède Follow

In Lebanon, two years ago, on October 17, 2019, an unprecedented social movement began.

For weeks, tens of thousands of demonstrators will take to the streets, every day, to demand the departure of the political class accused of corruption.

But, two years later, as the country sinks into the worst economic and political crisis in its history, most have deserted the protest movement.

Many revolutionary militants gave up, others left the country.

But, some still want to believe in change. 


Through the portrait of three women who took part in what they call “the Revolution”, a look back at this social movement which marked the country of the Cedars.

“Lebanon: October 17, the failed revolution”, a great report by Noé Pignède.


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