A teacher brutally hits and kicks a student for escaping from a physics class and the police intervene.. Video

A video has gone viral on social media of a government teacher mercilessly kicking and hitting a high school student with a stick and the foot.

 Last Wednesday, the incident occurred at Nandanar Government Senior Secondary School for Boys in Cuddalore district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, where a teacher brutally assaulted a boy for skipping the previous class.

In the circulating video, Subramanian, a teacher from an upper secondary school in Chidambaram in Cuddalore district, allegedly grabbed the student's hair, constantly hit and kicked him.

Despite the student's pleas that he would not repeat the mistake, the teacher continued to kick their classmate without mercy.

 Meanwhile, the Taliban recorded the incident on their mobile phones and posted the clip on social media, which sparked a wave of anger against the teacher's actions.

After the video went viral on social media, a Cuddalore district official ordered an investigation into the incident.

Speaking to the public school, the principal said: “The eight students came to school on Wednesday and attended the first hour.

Caste cruelty in schools.

Physics teacher of a govt school brutally flogged and kicked a SC minor boy while holding him by his hair.

This mind distracting video is from TN's Cuddalore.

#CrushTheCaste pic.twitter.com/Tm4GTFTq8i

— Mission Ambedkar (@MissionAmbedkar) October 15, 2021

But because it was physics class at two o'clock and the teacher Subramanian was doing class exams daily, these eight students decided to skip class.

During my rounds, I saw these students sitting on the second floor of the school and took them back to class and asked the teacher to let them attend his class.

Subramanian interrogated the students for escaping from his class and then beat them up.

The video clip of him hitting a student was recorded by two students from the same class."

After the inquiry, the security authorities, who detained the teacher after his arrest, intervened according to the Law on Preventing Assault on Students.

Commenting on the incident, the student’s father Chandrasekhar appealed to all teachers not to harm the students and to avoid such incidents in the future, saying, “I am very worried about my son and I am disappointed by this brutal act. My son was slightly injured and was taken to a government hospital.”

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