Amid the growing wave of revelations about Mr. A's personal life, who claims to be the ex-girlfriend of 'popular actor' K, the advertising industry was the first to move. Some of the advertisements featuring male actors designated as K actors have already been deleted.

On the afternoon of the 17th, an article titled 'I am accusing the double and shameless reality of the popular actor K' was posted on an online community. Writer A, who revealed that he was actor K's ex-girlfriend, complained that actor K conciliated an abortion and pretended to be married, saying, "He is in a state of severe mental and physical trauma due to his subhuman behavior."

After Mr. A's revelations, speculation continued as to who the actor K was. Among them, Lee Jin-ho, a YouTuber from the entertainment department, pointed out an actor as a K actor and uploaded a video discussing his real name. Lee Jin-ho claimed, "I got information in early October that actor K is struggling with his ex-girlfriend's problem."

After Jinho Lee identified an actor as a K actor, the wave got bigger. Many media cited the contents of the YouTube broadcast and published articles mentioning the actor's real name as a K actor. But the company was quiet. The actor's agency, who was designated as a K actor, did not reveal any position even after a day had passed since the controversy broke out and is avoiding contact with reporters.

In the midst of this, the advertising industry was the first to move. From the afternoon of the 18th, some of the brands that selected actor K as a model took action quickly, such as erasing the actor's face on social media and changing the appearance advertisement video to private.

It seems that the controversy over actor K will not settle down easily.

The male actor who has been designated as a K actor is currently one of the most popular and topical actors among Korean actors, with 3 scheduled movies and 10 contracted advertisements.

In addition, the drama that he recently appeared in is ending with high popularity, and a video interview is scheduled for the media on the 20th.

The announcement of the position of the actor who is being talked about as a K actor is inevitable, but it is quiet even after a day has passed.

It remains to be seen when the position will be revealed.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)

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