The ancient city of Kashgar in Xinjiang attracts young people from all over with its profound historical and cultural heritage.

In 2019, Wang Wei traveled to Xinjiang. The beautiful Xinjiang left her with good memories, especially the ancient city of Kashgar, which made her feel like she didn't want to leave when she came.

In 2020, Wang Wei and her friends opened a homestay in the ancient city of Kashgar. She felt that the development of tourism in the ancient city of Kashgar was very promising, and then opened a cafe.

In this way, like many people from all over the country who went to Kashgar to open a shop and start a business, Wang Wei's identity has changed from a tourist to an entrepreneur, realizing his dream here.

  Rong Rui, Wang Wenhai and Yan Hong, reporting from Kashgar, Xinjiang

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]