[Explanation] For some time, the China policy adopted by the United States has caused serious difficulties in Sino-US relations.

In an exclusive interview with China News Service, Horizon's chairman Yuan Yue said that although there are differences in values, it is for this reason that China and the United States need more dialogue and coordination, and make good use of the complementary advantages generated by the differences. Contribute to the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

  [Concurrent] Yuan Yue, chairman of the board of directors

  Generally speaking, people in other countries have a little negative view of China.

A very important factor of this negative is related to the current media dissemination and guidance.

  [Concurrent] Yuan Yue, chairman of the board of directors

  In this world, there can be differences in core values ​​between countries, institutions, and individuals, but they don’t necessarily have to fight.

  [Explanation] However, values ​​and their differences are not the only determinants of the orientation of state-to-state diplomatic relations.

Looking at the whole world, peaceful coexistence and non-discrimination should be the accepted rules of exchanges between countries.

But in reality, the global situation is complex and changeable, and there are constant frictions between countries.

In Yuan Yue's view, the reason is that some countries place their own interests above this rule, and the United States is the most prominent example.

  [Concurrent] Yuan Yue, chairman of the board of directors

  One thing China advocates is not to say in the way of the boss: I have the final say.

Strength is not used to create one's own exceptionalist position.

Strength is used to help the rules set out in our values ​​and the things we promise ourselves.

  [Concurrent] Yuan Yue, chairman of the board of directors

  No one in the United States used to talk to him about this matter. With a different model and a competitive model, he would restrict him to a certain extent.

In fact, the exceptionalism of the United States is that it has done this, but it does not say so.

American exceptionalism is summed up.

He is not what the US government claims: We are the exception.

It is everyone's conclusion, you are double standard, and you are an exception.

It is summed up.

  [Explanation] Due to the clarity of the multi-polarization process of the world structure and the needs of its own development, China has gradually transformed its original "defensive" strategy into an "aggressive" strategy.

With the rise of China, in recent years, the "China threat theory" has also begun to circulate in a few Western countries, but Yuan Yue does not agree with this statement.

  [Concurrent] Yuan Yue, chairman of the board of directors

  In this, you can see that there is indeed a considerable cultural conflict.

Once this cultural conflict is transformed into national rules and national behaviors, you will feel that you did it smoothly in the past, but if you do it today, one person will say that it is inappropriate.

Let me tell you, it’s not appropriate to do this, someone always beats you.

You feel threatened.

But in the final analysis, the Chinese are just beating, not a real threat. I just reasoned with you.

  [Explanation] Yuan Yue believes that differences in values ​​are not necessarily a bad thing.

Many people think that Sino-US conflicts are inevitable and there will be many specific competition scenarios, but this is not the case.

  [Concurrent] Yuan Yue, chairman of the board of directors

  Differences in values ​​do not necessarily lead to confrontations or even conflicts between the two sides. Differences in values ​​will only increase the differences in the colors we show to each other, rather than the reasons for conflicts that must be met.

  [Explanation] In Yuan Yue's view, China's attempt to break through the long-term compression of the development space of developing countries in the world is not only related to China's interests, but also related to the interests of emerging economies and global developing countries, and even many developed countries. , And this will also be the future trend of global development.

  Dong Zeyu, Liu Likun, Chi Hanyu reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]

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