On October 18th, the 4th World Sichuan Cuisine Conference officially opened in Sichuan Cuisine Town, Pidu District, Chengdu.

With the theme of "Let the world fall in love with Sichuan cuisine", the conference will successively hold the 2021 Global Sichuan Cuisine Industry Development Summit Forum and the release of the city opportunity list during the 3-day conference. The theme is Sichuan cuisine, hot pot banquets and other more than 20 Sichuan cuisine cultural series brand activities. The 2021 Chengdu International Food Festival and the 9th Pixian Douban Expo will be held.

  What is the taste of twice-cooked pork and hot pot in your eyes?

During this conference, more than 20 exciting activities will be held around the five major sections of "Sichuan Cuisine Development Forum", "Sichuan Cuisine Industry Expo", "Sichuan Cuisine Cooking Competition", "Sichuan Cuisine Experience", and "Industry Investigation Promotion" to make the world love Shangchuan cuisine makes Pidu taste fragrant all over the world.

Among them, in the 2021 World Sichuan Cooking Skills Competition, contestants used special Sichuan cuisine twice-cooked pork as their dishes and cooked with traditional standard techniques. They competed for major awards in terms of taste, heat, presentation, ingredients, and creativity.

Participants from the global Sichuan cuisine field and local food lovers gathered at the event to tell the Chengdu "Pixu Story" of Sichuan cuisine development through competitions and experiences.

(Wang Jue produced Li Jiali)

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]

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