Credit products are emerging one after another, characteristic branches are emerging one after another, and business development is gradually diversified

There are many bright spots in the development of cultural finance (Financial Eyes·Injecting financial "warm current" into people's livelihood ②)

  Our reporter Wang Guan

  Nowadays, the financial industry provides financial support for accelerating the development of the cultural industry and enriching the supply of cultural products. The rapid development of the cultural industry also provides a new platform for the financial industry to continuously expand its space and transform and upgrade.

What new trends and new highlights have emerged in the development of cultural finance?

How to strengthen and optimize cultural finance in the future to provide more powerful financial support to meet the new needs of the people's spiritual and cultural life?

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  "Bank + Guarantee" came together to solve corporate financing problems

  The old alley, the briquettes, the small Maza... In the Wangfujing Department Store in Beijing, there is a Beijing-style and Beijing-style playground-Heping Fruit Bureau.

In the immersive experience space of 2,400 square meters, the decoration design is full of a strong sense of age, allowing visitors to travel back to "Old Beijing".

  "Since the opening at the end of 2019, business has been good. At the peak of the passenger flow, it can reach 8,000 to 10,000 people a day. It has become a popular'check-in place' on Wangfujing Street." But then the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic made the original preparations for the Spring Festival period. Han Tong, the head of the Peace Fruit Bureau, was dumbfounded.

  "Before the Spring Festival in 2020, we prepared a large number of goods and planned to sell them at self-organized temple fairs during the festival. Unexpectedly, when the epidemic broke out, tourists dropped sharply and temple fairs were closed. The company's operating income was almost zero, and a large backlog of goods was even given to employees. It’s difficult to pay wages.” Someone suggested that Han Tong go to the bank for a loan. “The place where the Heping Fruit Bureau is opened is rented. It has only been in business for more than 4 months. Without suitable collateral, can the bank give a loan?” Han Tong My heart is very bottomless.

  "Able to loan!" The staff of Bank of Beijing took the initiative to contact Han Tong, giving Han Tong a "reassuring pill".

What surprised Han Tong even more was that the bank and the guarantee company went out together.

  "Based on a comprehensive understanding of the actual operating conditions of the Pingguo Bureau, the assets and liabilities status of the person in charge, and the ability to deal with risks, through the cooperation of banks and guarantee companies, we have the confidence to give enterprises a higher line of credit." Bank of Beijing Yonghe Wenchuang Branch The person in charge said.

  The "bank + guarantee" model not only allows companies to have higher credit lines, preferential loan interest rates, and faster lending speeds.

"Considering that companies are more affected by the epidemic, the bank has given them a preferential interest rate of 25 basis points lower in the 1-year LPR (loan market quote rate). Our guarantee company has also reduced the guarantee rate to 1%, which greatly reduces the cost of corporate loans. "The person in charge of the third business department of Beijing Guohua Wenke Financial Guarantee Co., Ltd. said.

  "Special events are handled in special times. We opened the green approval channel and quickly approved the approval within the branch approval authority granted by the head office. At the same time, Guohua Guarantee quickly issued a letter of guarantee, and the loan was completed within 3 working days." Yonghewen, Bank of Beijing The person in charge of the Chuang branch said.

  Seeing that the company resumed operations and employees' salaries had settled, Han Tong's hanging heart was finally relieved.

"The bank provides sufficient support to the enterprise, and this year we can directly renew the loan without paying off the principal. We are confident that we can make up for the losses caused by the epidemic as soon as possible." Han Tong said.

  The story of Pingguo Bureau is not an individual case.

"The cooperation of banks and guarantee companies is precisely an effective model launched in response to the characteristics of cultural enterprises, and has solved the financing difficulties caused by some cultural enterprises with light assets and no collateral." said the person in charge of the third business department of Guohua Guarantee Company.

  "As an important supplier of cultural financial services, banks must continue to promote product innovation and improve product quality. On the one hand, they must design products or service plans based on credit and combine the credit status of cultural enterprises to expand the scope of credit services. On the other hand, It is necessary to design products based on cultural assets, activate the resources of cultural enterprises, and continue to deepen the industrial chain and supply chain of cultural enterprises." said Jin Wei, deputy director of the Cultural Finance Research Center of the National Finance and Development Laboratory.

  In recent years, innovations in cultural financial products and models have continued to emerge.

For example, in 2016, the country’s first cultural enterprise credit promotion association was established in the National Cultural Industry Innovation Experimental Zone. This institution gives credit ratings to cultural and creative enterprises within the national cultural and creative experimental zone. Enterprises with a certain level can enjoy priority in banking and guarantees. Such institutions provide convenient, fast and preferential financing guarantee services.

In another example, Bank of Hangzhou explored to jointly establish a risk pool fund with local governments to develop industry-specific products such as "game workshop model", "artistic quality pledge financing"; Bank of Beijing recently released a "movie+" copyright pledge loan, with high-quality film copyright as the core , Extend the industrial chain around movies and movies, and upgrade the supply of financial services.

  Business becomes more diversified to meet the comprehensive needs of cultural enterprises

  Recently, many people’s WeChat Moments were swiped by photos from Beijing Universal Resort.

Little Yellow Man Paradise, Future Water World, Jurassic World, Transformers Base... Many tourists called it fun and enjoyable.

  On Beijing's Global City Avenue, a "treasury"-style building attracts tourists to stop and take photos.

This “treasury” is a characteristic bank branch established by ICBC. The appearance is inspired by the “treasury” element, and the branches are full of technological elements: the deployment of remote collaborative smart teller machines, instant card machines, foreign currency exchange machines and other new types of intelligence The equipment realizes the instant issuance of the ICBC Beijing Universal Resort Co-branded Debit Card, and the foreign currency exchange machine can realize the real-time exchange of cash in 5 currencies including U.S. dollar and Japanese Yen.

  "Visitors can obtain electronic seals for consumption at designated merchants on Global City Avenue. With the seals, they can participate in the lottery draw at the outlets. We hope that this interactive way of organic integration of online "cloud ICBC", offline global outlets, and surrounding ecological merchants can help Everyone brings a different experience.” said the relevant person in charge of the Beijing branch of ICBC.

  Not long ago, the ICBC Beijing Universal Resort Co-branded Card was officially launched, including debit cards and credit cards. The card face design incorporates classic IP (intellectual property) images such as Minions, Kung Fu Panda, and How to Train Your Dragon, combined with Universal Beijing Resorts. With the characteristic architectural elements of the district and park, many customers said that "the design is distinctive, it is so admirable, it has collection value, and you want everything."

  "The co-branded card issued this time also includes special rights such as early admission, free tickets to Universal Studios Beijing for consumption, and a two-day and one-night travel package for consumption." The relevant person in charge of the Beijing branch of ICBC said that ICBC will also approve in the future The third-party merchants on the two online platforms of "Rong e Shopping" and "ICBC e Life" provide tourists with ticket sales services for the Beijing Universal Resort. Ticket buyers will have the opportunity to get a seat in the "Universal Glory Theater".

  In this regard, the practice of Bank of Hangzhou over the years has also been fruitful.

For example, they have invested in more than 10 funds dedicated to small and medium-sized cultural and creative enterprises, providing industrial fund investment services for cultural and creative enterprises, and set up a "dream mentor group" and "expert review meeting" for cultural and creative finance to provide entrepreneurial consulting services. Linked with more than 500 professional venture capital institutions to carry out investment and financing docking services.

In terms of personal financial services, Bank of Hangzhou also provides consumer credit and customized wealth management services for entrepreneurs and key employees of cultural enterprises.

  "The development of cultural finance not only promotes the reform of the cultural industry supply-side and enriches the supply of cultural products, but also promotes the growth of cultural consumption through the development of cultural financial products." Jin Wei believes that in addition to credit services, banks can also meet the needs of cultural enterprises. Provide other financing services and additional services, and form a comprehensive service plan around credit financing.

The gradual diversification of banking business is an important innovation direction for banks to serve the cultural industry in the future.

  Timely integration of government departments and social capital to strengthen multi-party resource integration

  "Since the opening of the Grand Theatre, I have been online to check performance information whenever I have time. I used to take a bus to Beijing and Tianjin to watch operas and concerts. Now I can enjoy them at my doorstep. It is really convenient." A citizen of Tangshan, Hebei. Zhang Mingyue said.

  In 2016, the Tangshan Grand Theater was completed, with a 1,500-seat grand theater, an 800-seat concert hall, etc. It has received nearly 800 performances in the past few years, meeting the multi-level cultural consumption needs of the people.

  "The Tangshan Grand Theater project adopts the PPP (Government and Social Capital Cooperation) model. Beijing Poly Theater Management Co., Ltd. is responsible for the overall operation and management of the Grand Theater. The government retains the ownership of the assets. Through this model, it not only provides high The high-quality cultural performance service has also solved the problem of low efficiency in the past that the public utilities and government departments built and operated themselves." The relevant person in charge of the Tangshan City Finance Bureau said.

  "The successful exploration of the PPP model in the field of cultural industries shows that the promotion of cultural finance can not only rely on banks, insurance companies, guarantee companies, etc., but also play the role of government departments to stimulate the participation of social capital and improve financial institutions’ ability to develop cultural financial products. Enthusiasm, to promote the development of cultural finance to achieve more new breakthroughs." Jin Wei said.

  Recently, the "China Cultural Finance Development Report (2021)" jointly compiled and released by the National Finance and Development Laboratory, Shenzhen Cultural Property Exchange, and Beijing Liyan Finance and Development Research Institute pointed out that cultural industry bank credit, cultural industry bonds, cultural enterprises Listing financing and cultural industry private equity investment are the main components of the cultural financial market.

On the whole, the number of issuances in the cultural industry bond market in 2020 will remain the same as last year.

As of the end of 2020, the balance of cultural industry loans from 30 banks including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Bank of Beijing has reached 165.15 billion yuan.

According to statistics from the China Banking Association, in 2020, 70% of China's banks have cultural industry credit products. There are 39 cultural industry credit products, 28 of which are exclusive products for cultural industry credit.

  "From the perspective of cultural industry service entities, there are currently not only banks, securities, insurance and other financial institutions participating, but also trust companies, guarantee companies, and financial leasing companies that actively participate. Some culturally specific financial institutions are also constantly exploring, such as Cultural characteristic branches of commercial banks, cultural industry investment funds, cultural financial investment consulting companies, etc." Yang Tao, president of Beijing Liyan Finance and Development Research Institute, believes that promoting cultural financial innovation not only promotes changes in institutional entities, product forms, and market structures. It is also necessary to improve the infrastructure to provide a better "soil" for the development of cultural finance.

Legal rules, self-discipline mechanisms, rights protection, transaction rules, etc. related to the field of cultural finance should be more scientific, reasonable, open and transparent.

  "In the future, the cultural financial policy system should be further enriched, and the product exclusiveization, institutional exclusiveization, market specialization and personnel specialization of China's cultural financial service system should be promoted." Jin Wei believes that cultural financial policies are mostly composed of culture, finance, finance, etc. Jointly formulated and issued by multiple departments. As a cross-cutting public policy field, a high degree of departmental coordination and policy coordination is required. Attention should be paid to the coordination of cultural financial policies with public cultural service policies, and cultural fiscal policies, cultural taxation policies, and cultural foreign trade policies. Coordinate with others.

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