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2050 version of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, which beautifully depicts the changes of the four seasons, was born.

The artificial intelligence AI expresses the four seasons that have changed in 2050 based on climate change data, and I feel somewhat depressed.

This is Kim Soo-hyun, a reporter specializing in culture and art.


Vivaldi painted a warm spring day with birds singing in the four seasons in 1725.

The spring of 2050 in Seoul is gloomy.

The joyous song of the birds is gone, and a gloomy howl remains.

[Lim Ji-young / Violinist: (due to climate change), it has a gloomy and disturbing nuance such that species are gradually becoming extinct or their numbers are getting smaller.]

Autumn, which celebrated a bountiful harvest with songs and dances, turned into an ominous autumn

filled with


This is the Seoul version of 'Uncertain Four Seasons' arranged by artificial intelligence applying climate change data.

By adding percussion sounds not found in the original song, it expresses stronger typhoons and heat waves.

[Wayne Lin / 'Unclear Four Seasons' Seoul performance movement: It was scary and a little sad when I first heard it. As a father of two daughters, I was worried about the future of this planet.] The

uncertain four seasons are based on a climate change scenario predicted in 2050 if greenhouse gas emissions continue at current trends.

It is a global project with data scientists, climate change researchers, and musicians performing all over the world.

Each region is slightly different, but there is a version in which autumn disappears altogether, and in the Shanghai version, which is predicted to be submerged due to rising sea levels, only silence remains.

[Jaehyun Seo / Chief Data Scientist, 'Uncertain Four Seasons': I hope that the data that predicted 2050 in 10 years will be better than it is now. That's why I started this project.] The

Korean premiere on the 20th will deliver the seriousness of climate change vividly by playing the original songs of the four seasons and Vivaldi arranged by AI together.

(Video coverage: Kim Hak-mo, Kim Yong-woo, video editing: Choi Eun-jin, VJ: Oh Se-gwan, video source:AKQA/NDR Elf Philharmonic)

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