"Double reduction" for two months: "One day at school" of a post-90s class teacher

  On October 17, Beijing’s “double reduction” policy was formally introduced and implemented for two months.

In these two months, "the main position of school education" has undoubtedly become the key word of social focus.

Where is the "main position" and "main"?

The teacher is the key in the key.

Last Tuesday, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily walked into the Tongzhou branch of Shijia Primary School and followed up with an ordinary post-90s class teacher. From this ordinary young Chinese teacher’s day at school, it is not difficult to see that the “double reduction” policy has brought about school education. The deep changes that come.

  Before class

  Arrive at school 1 hour early and start "early care"

  At around 7 o'clock, there were students at the gate of Shijia Primary School Tongzhou Branch. A tall girl wearing a black dress and carrying a cartoon canvas bag trot all the way and hurriedly walked into the gate.

She is Yuxuan, the Chinese teacher in Class 3 of the fourth grade.

Although the temperature in autumn is very cool, there is still a small row of fine beads of sweat on her forehead.

At this moment, she was turning around and saying to the reporter: "I just sent my three-and-a-half-year-old son to kindergarten. I was delayed for a while. I have to go to the classroom to take care of the early students!" The teacher's voice changed from "weak" to "strong", Xiumu Zhong also released a kind of self-confidence, which is reminiscent of the nowadays "Changjin Lake", Wu Wanli, who has a gentle personality, "goes into battle" with a gun-Youxuan has already entered the teaching building in three steps and two steps at the moment. Class 3 classrooms for the fourth grade.

Indeed, today's "battle" of this young teacher kicked off.

  Several classmates have already been seated in the classroom.

"Students can use this time to review, preview new lessons or read extracurricular books. Students on duty can start on duty, and students with questions can come and ask me." Don't look young, but Yuxuan already has nine. With years of teaching experience, once she stands on the stage, she has a natural "composite spirit".

  In order to ensure students’ sleep, the city’s “double reduction” policy stipulates that students’ morning class time will be postponed from 8:00 to 8:20, but Yuxuan himself did not delay his arrival at school.

“Many parents will send their students to school earlier due to work and other reasons. After arriving at school, our teachers are responsible for arranging the time before the students arrive early.” Youxuan said.

  First class in the morning

  "Layered Teaching" is implemented like this

  The first class from 8:20 is Yuxuan's Chinese class.

In the “double reduction” policy two months ago, the concept that the school is the “main position of teaching and educating people” made Yuxuan remember deeply.

In the two months since the "double reduction" was implemented, she always stood on the podium, looking at the cute little faces below, often consciously or unconsciously thinking about the connotation of the word "main": she paid her own expense in the locker I bought sweets and small gifts to encourage students to "actively" think when answering questions; she left "layered assignments" to encourage students to "actively" analyze; she created the "class currency system" to encourage students to "actively" "Act...

  "What are the sleep characteristics of bats?" In this class, Yuxuan will analyze and interpret the short essay "Animal Sleep" for students.

After she threw out the first question, "Hibernation!" became the answer to many students in unison.

But a little girl made a "deep supplement."

She said: "The reading question says,'Before winter, bats find a dark cave and eaves to sleep collectively. Their sleeping methods are very characteristic. They catch rocks, sticks and other things with their feet. Sleeping in clusters upside down.' Therefore, I think the sleep characteristics of bats should be based on hibernation, plus the word'upside down'." After listening to the analysis of this young student, Yuxuan said: "The teacher particularly appreciates You can carefully discover and present your own unique understanding in reading. You are great!" The other students clapped enviously, and Yuxuan applauded with everyone, expressing appreciation for this student's thinking.

  In class, Yuxuan also needs to observe the status of the students at any time.

When a female classmate answered a question, she didn't think about how to group the second word. When she started to squat, Yuxuan quickly asked other classmates to add it, and the embarrassment was resolved intangible.

"This student is usually shy. If she is allowed to stand there for too long in class, it will dampen her enthusiasm..."

  At the same time, a boy sitting in the first row kept shaking his head in class and did not listen to the lecture. After seeing it, Yu Xuan did not criticize him directly, but walked to his side and put his hand on this place naturally. Continue to lecture on the shoulders of classmates.

But seeing the boy's shoulders trembling slightly, he quieted down instantly.

Youxuan explained to a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily after class: "My shoulder-shaking'small movements' stopped his shaking his head and gave him a lot of face. What is hierarchical teaching? I understand. It is based on the actual acceptance and self-management abilities of different students, so that they have their own gains in the classroom. Even if they have not fully mastered the specific knowledge points, but after a class, they know how to respect others and understand how to maintain a tacit understanding with the teacher , It's also a gain!"

  third period

  Judge homework wrong title and wrong word without “×”

  After the morning exercises from 9:05 to 9:40, Yuxuan did not arrange the third class, so he entered the "correction time for homework".

"Controlling the total amount, reforming the entire batch, strengthening the face-to-face approval, and timely feedback" are the basic requirements for the operation of the double reduction policy.

In this regard, Yuxuan feels deeply as a front-line teacher.

This semester, the school requires few and fine homework for students.

Therefore, the fourth-grade Chinese teaching and research group where Xuan works strictly reviews the amount of homework in each class. The homework left by each teacher must be discussed together and operated according to the actual situation of each class.

"I will also share good homework examples with everyone. The grade group is very serious every time they discuss how to leave homework." Yuxuan said that in order to accurately estimate the time cost, she would write some homework in advance by imitating the state of the students. .

  In addition to Chinese homework, as a head teacher, she also coordinates the amount of homework left by the math and English teachers, and communicates with the two teachers about the homework status every day.

  For example, Yu Xuan saw that the "Homework Bulletin" on that day read "16 pages of mathematics yellow paper, English changed dictation of wrong words".

Youxuan deliberately communicated with the mathematics teacher through WeChat the content of the "16 pages of mathematics yellow paper", and learned that 70% to 80% of the content, most of the students have already completed in class.

Yuxuan said that before, leaving homework was a matter of convenience for teachers, but now we have to "learn first for students, and write first for students."

  Speaking of correcting homework, Yuxuan said: "The problems of the day will be solved on the same day, and the knowledge just mentioned has to be collected for re-approval. If there are still some common problems, then we will teach it again in a targeted manner. If it’s an individual problem, then give one-to-one individual tutoring after class.” Yuxuan said, primary school students’ homework needs to be revised to be completely correct, and sometimes even three times of corrections are made to allow students to thoroughly digest the knowledge in class through homework. .

  A reporter from the Beiqing Daily saw that in the workbook corrected by You Xuan, there is no traditional red "×" that represents an error, but a small circle or red dot instead.

Youxuan explained that in the main position of school education, the school does not advocate using obvious wrong symbols to deny the efforts of students. We will mark them with small circles or red dots to remind students that they need to be modified here. Will get a tick to encourage students.


  Standing in the corridor and chatting with students

  When the bell rang at the end of the third class, You Xuan walked out of the office and came to the corridor of the teaching building.

Her eyes swept back and forth in and out of the classroom, paying attention to the movements of each classmate.

"Run slowly, don't slip" is her mantra, and at this time, Yu Xuan has become a patient big sister.

In the few minutes between classes, Yuxuan became "best friends" with many classmates through chatting.

Communicate popular movies, share the latest discoveries... "Class 3 of the fourth grade is my new class this year. At first, the students were not very familiar with it. I build up a sense of trust." Yuxuan said.

  Yuxuan also revealed that in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of the students, she created a "small monitor" rotation system in the class, so that every student has the opportunity to be the monitor, serving the class collectively, serving the classmates, and thus cultivating students' learning Competence and responsibility.

At the same time, she also implements the "class currency system" in the class, simulating the entire class of students into a company. Students complete their studies and homework every day, just like mom and dad complete their performance in the company. The higher the performance, the higher the "class currency" The more you get, the more rewards you can exchange for small gifts to stimulate students' enthusiasm.

  Noon time

  Take care of the meal and respond to parental consultation information

  From 12 noon to 1:40 pm is the lunch and lunch break for the students. You Xuan will turn into a "nanny" to help the students share lunch and take care of the lunch break.

  "At noon, I need to serve the children one by one in the classroom." Yuxuan said, "Whoever has the soup sprinkled, who is not eating well, etc. must be paid attention to." After lunch, Yuxuan also needs to take care of the classmates. Lunch break.

Youxuan encouraged the students to take a nap and allowed them to come to school with pillows.

Students who do not take a lunch break can read extracurricular books.

The lunch break for students is the only "meditation" time for Yuxuan during the day. During this time, Yuxuan, like other teachers, concentrates on the school's work arrangements and parents' inquiries.

"Some work information is sometimes too busy to take care of it. If there are omissions, other teachers will remind each other when they see it."

  Afternoon service

  Assist in the management of after-school activities

  After two consecutive Chinese lessons in the afternoon, Yuxuan, who had been busy for most of the day, felt a little tired.

She took the time to come to the office to drink coffee to refresh herself.

She likes to arrange her desk in pink and purple, with cartoon patterns such as rainbow and clouds printed on the tablecloths, as well as weight loss motivational words such as "slim", "hey eat not fat", "quit coffee, sugar, and milk tea". Dozens of colorful signature pens are placed in a storage box.

The ingenious arrangement is like a "small world" dedicated to her, where she often has a moment of fascination.

  At 4:10 in a blink of an eye, it was time for school.

The city’s “double reduction” policy requires all primary and secondary schools to have richer after-school services at 3:30, including quality education courses and extended classroom guidance; Shijia Primary School Tongzhou Branch divides after-school services into two parts, Tuesday and Wednesday After school, the school provides 43 quality club activities for students to choose on the "after-school service management platform".

Monday, Thursday, and Friday are three days, which is the time for each class to focus on extended tutoring.

Youxuan not only has to answer questions for classmates on Monday, Thursday and Friday, but also need to pay attention to the children's participation in interest clubs on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  The after-school service on the day is interest clubs.

Youxuan constantly coordinated with the parents about the children's pick-up and drop-off, and at the same time gave parents feedback on the children's learning in the interest class.

"How is the situation of our children going to the Hulusi Club today?" "Which location to pick up the children at the school gate today?" ... Youxuan received consultation WeChat from parents from time to time on her mobile phone, and she answered patiently one by one.

  It was close to 6 o'clock after the last group of students sent off for after-school service.

The sky has been wiped out, and Yuxuan is preparing to leave work while thinking of her three-and-a-half-year-old son. She can't wait to step back home.

She thought to herself: After returning home, coax her son first, and then continue to prepare for tomorrow's class under the light...

  Reporter's Notes

  Tearful sowing and smiling harvest

  Some people say: Those who sow with tears can certainly harvest with smiles.

This "tear" and "laugh" can be described as the experience of the teacher.

A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily followed Teacher Youxuan for a day, deeply feeling that "tired" was born from the heart, and "happiness" was born from the heart.

  Under the "double reduction" policy, I believe that every teacher first feels the pressure on the bottom line of time.

"Welcome the morning sun and send away the sunset", more than 11 hours on the job, from student classroom teaching to nursing lunch and lunch break, from homework feedback to after-school service communication with tutors, the role of the head teacher should link up the student's day of study Life, its mental and physical strength can be imagined.

  However, the distribution of time and energy in a day cannot be evenly exerted. In class, it is necessary to ensure that the main education status is "returned" to students; assignments should be set in layers, avoid duplication, strengthen face-to-face criticism, and focus on explanations; after-class services, It is also necessary to leave enough "space" for students to display their personality.

In all this, it is necessary to have the accuracy of "breaking two stars" and the accuracy of "hunting a hundred hits". The communication between teachers and students, the arrangement of teaching plans, is closely linked, and cannot be procrastinated.

No wonder Mr. Yuxuan said that the first two weeks of the new semester were a bit rushed, sometimes unable to withstand the pressure, and almost crying.

  Hard work is really hard work. However, the "time" of the development of the capital's high-quality education system in the new era and the "potential" of collaborative educating people inside and outside schools put forward unavoidable realistic requirements for teachers and education.

Adapting to this "time" and "trend" should become the active pursuit and endogenous motivation of every teacher in the main education front.

  In what ways?

The reporter from Beijing Youth Daily interviewed this front-line teacher personally. The biggest feeling is that the pursuit of innovation is to create a happy education; active thinking is to explore the future of hope.

Teacher Dang Youxuan uses the "class currency system" to encourage students to improve their learning quality; uses "layered homework" to let the students have something to do with each other and gains in their hearts; with a small gesture to let the students experience the "power of respect" At the same time, it is trying to give full play to the initiative of the teacher in seemingly trivial posts.

  At the same time, in response to the general requirement of "improving the quality of school education and teaching" under the "double reduction" policy, Youxuan has also made his own attempt as a Chinese teacher.

In the past, the “teacher talks and the students listen” class has become the focus of student discussion, solving problems in the process of inquiry; she also tried to ask more questions in class and chat more after class, so as to grasp the students’ knowledge and grasp the situation in a comprehensive way, and “make up for shortcomings” at any time. Board, strengths and weaknesses".

"I am also reflecting on how to better connect a complete question in the classroom, let the students ask each other, and give the classroom initiative to the students." She said.

  In fact, this kind of innovation and thinking is a teacher's "Tears of Struggle" (Bing Xinyu), and it is also the source of their happiness.

It is not difficult to imagine that the current tens of thousands of class teachers in the city are undoubtedly "tired and happy" day after day. Only in this way, the four pillars and eight pillars of the capital's comprehensive reform of basic education can be strengthened. Increasingly tall and straight.

  Author of this edition / reporter Wu Wenjuan

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