To help those with reading difficulties, “Google” adds a new feature to Chromebook

The US technology and Internet giant Google announced that it will add more “human voices” to the “Choose to Speak” feature on Google Chromebook tablets.

It is reported that the "Select to speak" feature allows Chromebook users to hear specific texts on the device's screen audibly.

The new voices that Google decided to add to the device are aimed at making the audible texts more flexible and easier.

These voices are currently available in different dialects in 25 languages, with Google planning to add more languages ​​and voices.

The website, which specializes in car topics, noted that reading text from a tablet screen can be difficult for people with reading difficulties, and for people learning a new language.

The site added that Google developed the new feature by working with people with reading difficulties, as well as educators who specialize in dealing with reading difficulties.

Google said that by adding "natural sounds to the feature, such as the local dialect used by the owner of the device, it becomes easier to follow the text displayed and selected on the screen."

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