"Central Russia will be swept by a weather fever," Tishkovets wrote on his Instagram account.

According to him, on Monday, October 18, a cold atmospheric front, accompanied by rain and cold, will begin to break through the region.

In Moscow, the daytime temperature will drop to +4 ... + 9 ° С, then it will become even colder.

On Tuesday, October 19, nighttime minimum thermometers will drop to -1 ... + 4 ° С, rain and snow is expected.

On the night of Wednesday, October 20, a small icy layer will appear and light frosts will hit up to 0 ...- 5 ° С.

On Thursday, October 21, the warm front of the cyclone will bring rain and sleet, the wind is expected to increase to 12-17 m / s, and the air temperature will rise to +7 ... + 12 ° С.

It is noted that a baric saw is predicted, that is, atmospheric pressure after rising to 752 mm Hg.


per day will collapse by 16 units, which can negatively affect the well-being of meteorological people.

At the end of the week, warming will increase, at night up to +5 ... + 10 ° С, in the daytime up to +9 ... + 14 ° С.

From Sunday, October 24, a long-term cold snap will begin, he noted.

Earlier, the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia, Roman Vilfand, warned about dangerous weather conditions in a number of regions of Russia.

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