The mystery of the Sahel Microbus... Details of the arrest of the three witnesses

Egyptian media published the details of the arrest of 3 suspects in the Sahel Bridge accident, known in the media as “the Sahel Microbus Mystery.” They are the three witnesses who gave statements and then retracted and changed them, after they were confronted with criminal investigations, and turned from witnesses to defendants, after the Public Prosecution ordered The public arrested them.

The Egyptian newspaper, Al-Watan, said that the investigations launched by the Public Prosecution in the case included a team of prosecutors listening to witnesses, and the three defendants said that they heard the sound of a water crash, and they also saw the fall of a microbus from the top of the coast bridge, and immediately the Public Prosecution ordered the rescue units. Al-Nahri researched, and requested investigations by the detectives about the incident and its truth.

Investigations conducted by the security services in Giza found that the incident was incorrect, and this was reinforced by the failure of the river rescue teams to find any cars in the vicinity of the alleged fall, and they were able to retrieve a large-sized car cover.

In order to verify the authenticity of what was monitored by a surveillance camera close to the Coast Bridge, the Egyptian security services conducted an experiment by throwing a large-sized car cover, and it was monitored by cameras, as it was found that the scene matched the scene recorded by the surveillance cameras.

The Egyptian Public Prosecution re-questioned the three defendants, who said that what they had made in the investigations was just what they had heard from the residents, so the Public Prosecution ordered their arrest on charges of "disturbing the authorities."

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