Five people, including a former executive of a company that operates a tourist farm in Okayama Prefecture, said that they had cheated money from an office worker in Yokohama City by telling a lie, "If you invest in a business that sells fruits overseas, you will receive a dividend." Was arrested by the Aichi Prefectural Police Headquarters on suspicion of fraud.

It is estimated that at least 13 billion yen has been collected from more than 900 customers so far, and the police are proceeding with the elucidation of the actual situation.

A total of five people were arrested, including a former executive of Nishiyama Farm, which operates a tourist farm in Okayama Prefecture, and Hirotoshi Ito (37).

According to police, the five people will pay a monthly dividend of 1.5% to 3% if they invest in a business that sells fruits overseas, to a 30-year-old office worker living in Yokohama during the two months until February. You can buy the product with a credit card by telling a lie such as "Add it to the purchase price and return it", or you can ask "You can get more dividends if you invest in additional cash", etc., totaling 7.8 million yen There is a suspicion of fraud that has deceived the remainder.

In May, the Aichi Prefectural Police searched for the head office in Okayama City and the branch offices in Nagoya City, and proceeded with the investigation.

According to the police, at first, fruits such as peaches were actually sold in Hong Kong, but it soon became difficult to pay dividends, and the collected money was used as it was for dividends, so-called bicycle operation. It means that you can.

It is believed that it has collected at least 13 billion yen from more than 900 customers so far, and the police are proceeding with the elucidation of the actual situation, and the vice president at that time, who played a central role and is now believed to be overseas, was also arrested. I am investigating the whereabouts of the case.

Police have not disclosed the approval or disapproval of the five.

A class action lawsuit has been filed in Aichi and Osaka over "Nishiyama Farm", and the company is currently in bankruptcy proceedings.

Invested man The transfer of the promise is delayed from 2 years after the purchase

A man in his thirties in Aichi Prefecture, who had invested more than 11 million yen in conjunction with "Nishiyama Farm," responded to NHK's interview.

Five years ago, a man introduced to an acquaintance explained that Nishiyama Farm's business could be "worked as a side business."

A product such as fruits specified by Nishiyama Farm is purchased with a credit card, the company sells the product overseas, and the company makes a few percent profit on the purchase price of the product from the company to the customer by the card withdrawal date of the next month. The amount of money added was to be paid.

I thought that men could do it without the funds to pay for it, so I bought a product worth 300,000 yen with a credit card.

The following month, the amount was paid as explained, so he decided to continue purchasing.

The man said, "Payment continued smoothly for about two years. A search on the Internet revealed a real farm, and the pamphlet explained that the business was proceeding smoothly, so I was relieved to believe in Nishiyama Farm. It was a material, "he said at the time.

However, about two years after I started making the purchase, the transfer of the promise started to be delayed.

Even so, as I continued to purchase, Nishiyama Farm contacted me about the repayment plan.

Even after that, the money paid will not be refunded, and the amount of damage to men is said to be about 11 million yen.

The man said, "I was working with the idea of ​​supporting the business while doing a side job, but as a result, only the debt remained. I would like Nishiyama Farm to repay it properly."

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