On Sunday, images surfaced of a bottlenose dolphin in the Oosterschelde.

According to SOSDolfijn, it is very rare that this dolphin species swims in the area.

The last sighting was in 2013.

Before that, someone saw a bottlenose dolphin once in 2007.

This time the dolphin swam near Schelphoek in the Oosterschelde.

Many porpoises, a smaller toothed whale species, swim in that water.

Bottlenose dolphins usually cannot survive in the Oosterschelde because the right food is not available.

In addition, there is not enough food for the bottlenose dolphin.

SOSDolfijn hopes to save the animal in time and asks anyone who sees the bottlenose dolphin swimming to report this via the Twitter channel @waarneming or telephone number 06-46656601.

Several authorities are involved in the search for the bottlenose dolphin.

On the previous two times that the bottlenose dolphin swam in the Oosterschelde, it was later found dead.

To return to the safe North Sea, the animal has to swim back through the barrier.

A dolphin was sighted today in the Oosterschelde.

Based on images, it appears to be a stray bottlenose dolphin.

Do you see the animal swimming for the next few days?

Report this immediately with an image via @waarneming or by phone to us 0646656601 https://t.co/gAH3X5tfDC


AuthorSOSDolfijnMoment of places18: 18 - 17 October 2021

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