Yesterday morning, the temperature fell below the freezing point, the lowest in the same period in 52 years

The temperature has risen today, but the temperature difference between morning and evening is large; meteorologically, Beijing is still in autumn before winter

  Beijing News (Reporter Wang Jingxi) Starting from October 15th, the strongest cold air since October hit, and Beijing's temperature showed a cliff-like drop.

In the early morning of the 17th, the lowest temperature in many parts of Beijing fell below 0℃ for the first time, and the lowest temperature in the same period of mid-October since 1969 appeared at the observatory.

  Some citizens asked whether it was abnormal that it was so cold in mid-October?

Zhao Wei, chief forecaster of the Beijing Meteorological Observatory, said that according to the latest climate forecasts, the average temperature in late October will be close to the same period in normal years.

In the next week, the temperature in Beijing has picked up, and the maximum temperature will rise to around 18°C.

Observatory station hit the lowest value in the same period in mid-October in 52 years

  At 18:00 on October 14th, the Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued the first cold wave blue warning in the second half of this year: It is expected that there will be cold wave weather in Beijing from the night of the 15th to the night of the 17th.

The lowest temperature at night on the 15th will drop to 5℃, and the lowest temperature at night on the 16th and 17th will continue to drop to 1-2℃, and the lowest temperature during the process will drop by about 10℃; there will be gusts of around 7 levels during the day from the 15th to the 16th in mountainous areas. Gusts can reach levels 8 or 9, please take precautions.

  Along with the strongest cold air since October, the temperature in Beijing has been dropping off a cliff starting on the 15th.

In the early morning of October 17, due to the cold wave weather, the lowest temperature in many places in Beijing fell below 0°C for the first time.

According to the Beijing Meteorological Observatory, as of 8 am, the lowest temperature in the observatory was -0.2℃, which appeared at 6:44, which was the lowest value at the observatory in the same period in mid-October since 1969.

The picture released by the official Weibo of the Beijing Meteorological Bureau showed that the temperature of the Shunyi Meteorological Station fell below 0°C, and the ground frost was heavy and icy; the frost inside the Pinggu Meteorological Bureau was covered with silver and white.

Many netizens called out, "This weekend is the'coldest weekend' that I have experienced since the second half of the year."

  According to Zhao Wei, chief forecaster of the Beijing Meteorological Observatory, the weather from October 15 to 17 is the strongest cold air influence that Beijing has faced since the second half of this year.

She introduced that during this period, the cooling rate was large, the wind chill effect was obvious, and the temperature was lower than the average year, but it was close to the same period last year.

The temperature has picked up this week

  As of 20 o'clock on October 17, Beijing is still in the cold wave blue alarm, but today the temperature will rise.

According to the Beijing Meteorological Observatory's forecast, it will be sunny and cloudy during the day, with northerly winds of second and third levels, and the highest temperature of 16°C.

In addition, the next three days will be mainly sunny to cloudy, and the daytime sunshine is better, which is more suitable for opening windows for ventilation and outdoor activities, but the temperature is lower in the morning and evening, and the minimum temperature is around 2℃-5℃. Good warmth.

  In the next week, Beijing’s sky is basically contracted by the blue sky, the sun is shining, and the temperature has picked up. The highest temperature will rise to about 18°C. It is suitable to seize the opportunity and enjoy the autumn in time.

■ Response

Will winter start early this year?

  The cold weather in the past few days makes people feel as if they have skipped the autumn and entered the winter directly. Will the winter start this year be earlier?

  According to Zhao Wei, chief forecaster of the Beijing Meteorological Observatory, Beijing's perennial winter starts on October 30.

According to the Meteorological Industry Standard of the People's Republic of China-"Climate Season Division", after 5 consecutive days of moving average temperature is less than 10 degrees Celsius, the first date less than 10 degrees Celsius is regarded as the starting day of winter.

In other words, the first day when the average daily temperature is lower than 10°C for 5 consecutive days is the day when meteorology enters winter.

According to the Beijing Meteorological Bureau, Beijing has not yet reached the winter standard, and it is still in the fall.

Was there a cold wave in mid-October of previous years?

  Some people wonder if it is not normal for it to be so cold in mid-October even if it is not in winter?

Zhao Wei said that according to the latest climate forecasts, the average temperature in late October is 9°C-10°C, which is close to 9.3°C during the same period in normal years.

Moreover, this kind of strong wind and cooling weather occurred in mid-October of previous years.

According to historical meteorological observation records, from October 11th to 14th, 2019, October 13th to 15th, 2013, and October 16th to 17th, 2012, Beijing experienced similar significant cooling weather, and some also reached The standard of the cold wave.

Under what circumstances can heating be started?

  The temperature has dropped recently, will heating be advanced this winter?

On the afternoon of October 14, at the press conference of the Beijing Meteorological Administration, You Huanling, the chief service officer of the Beijing Meteorological Service Center, introduced that the meteorological department has to discuss and make judgments with the urban management committee for the starting and ending times of heating every year. The Urban Management Committee invites the Beijing Municipal Government to make a decision based on the temperature forecast.

"According to the usual practice, the standard for starting heating in Beijing is that the average daily temperature for 5 consecutive days is below 5°C."

  Affected by the cooling of the cold wave weather last weekend, the load of the Beijing power grid reached 15 million kilowatts, an increase of 1.5 million kilowatts from the normal weekend situation, mainly due to the increase in heating load.

To this end, the State Grid Beijing Electric Power arranged to open all the unified adjustment units except for maintenance to ensure power supply.

  ——Sun Helin, Chief Value Officer of State Grid Beijing Electric Power Dispatching Control Center

【Small File】

What kind of cold air can be called a cold wave?

  Not all cold air is called cold wave.

According to the China Weather Network, cold air is usually divided into five levels: weak cold air, medium-intensity cold air, strong cold air, strong cold air and cold wave.

The division principle is the area affected by cold air, the extent of the decrease in the daily minimum temperature within a certain period of time, and the two indicators of the daily minimum temperature.

  For example, strong cold air is cold air that has caused the daily minimum temperature of a place to drop by more than or equal to 8°C within 48 hours, but failed to reduce the daily minimum temperature of the place to 8°C or below.

Cold waves are cold air that can drop the temperature by more than 10°C within 48 hours, and the minimum temperature drops below 4°C.

■ Guarantee

"Heating Butler" in the area is on call 24 hours a day

  The cold wave hits the capital, and recently, various communities have started pressure tests before heating.

Although the formal heating has not yet arrived, the "heating butlers" are already ready. They not only have to "see and hear" the heating equipment, but also need to carefully inspect the heating pipes of each household.

The "heating housekeeper" reminds residents that once any heat-related issues occur, they can call customer service as soon as possible, and close their own heating valves first to reduce losses.

"Housekeepers" come to check the heating pipes of residents' homes

  In the past few days, Aunt Wang Wenmin, who lives in Shuanghe Nanli Community, Daxing District, has welcomed an old friend at his home. He is Li Xiangkun, the "heating housekeeper" of Beiran Heating.

Li Xiangkun carried a large toolkit full of wrenches, screwdrivers, and various heating accessories and knocked on the door of Wang Wenmin's house. "Auntie, I have tested the water these few days. I will come to your house again to see if there are any problems." Li Xiangkun It is an old acquaintance in this community who is responsible for the heating and maintenance of this community. The young man is hardworking and polite.

Hearing that Li Xiangkun was coming, Wang Wenmin welcomed him into the house enthusiastically.

  "Auntie, pay attention to observation these days. The heating pipe must run, leak, drip, or leak. Call me at any time and I will come over immediately." Li Xiangkun told Wang Wenmin to pay attention to the heating situation. Carefully check the joints of the heating pipes in the living room, and check whether there is water spillage at the joints by hand.

Wang Wenmin smiled and replied, "It's all fine, I'm relieved to have you check it."

  While checking the kitchen heating pipes, Li Xiangkun found several paper bags hanging at the pipe joints. He quickly reminded Wang Wenmin: “You'd better put away these paper bags. Don’t hang anything on the heating pipe, especially heavy objects.” Wang Wenmin then put away the bag, but Li Xiangkun still went to check it again.

  Li Xiangkun went around the heating pipe of Wang Wenmin's house and checked inside and out to confirm that there was no abnormality.

Before leaving, he took out a card from his pocket. It said the contact number of the "heating housekeeper" and the service number of the heating repair service. "It is recommended that you stick this contact card in a prominent place at home, if it appears during heating. Questions, you can call our'heating housekeeper' or the service phone, and we will be there on call."

The heating equipment of the boiler room needs to be inspected twice a day

  Although there is no heating in Beijing, the "heating housekeepers" and technicians are more busy, and they have to make full preparations for the formal heating.

In the boiler room of the source network operation and maintenance center of the Guanyin Temple heating plant in Daxing District, five gas-fired boilers have been "assembled on standby", ready to welcome the heating season.

Lu Chao is the manager of the source network operation and maintenance center of the heating plant. He and his colleagues seem to be the "doctors" of the boiler room.

  "After the last heating season, we have carried out a comprehensive inspection of the equipment. But as the heating season is approaching, the necessary inspections are also very important." Lu Chao said that the routine inspections before the heating season come will be inspected twice a day. , Mainly to check whether there is gas leakage, whether the pipeline pressure is normal, and so on.

  When checking the equipment, Lu Chao mainly carried two tools: a flashlight and a sniffer.

“Some pipelines are relatively narrow and the light is relatively dark, so the brightness of a flashlight is needed to illuminate.” Lu Chao said that in addition to increasing the brightness during the inspection, it is also necessary to use a sniffer to test whether there is gas leakage in the gas pipeline. “Although It is said that there is no gas supply in the equipment, but our inspection is just in case, to eliminate all possible risks."

  The reporter noticed that Lu Chao and his colleagues inspected the route very thinly. Each of the five tall heating equipment was four or five stories high. They had to climb high and low, bend down, and drill in order to check. At each checkpoint, after a round of inspections, the body sweats all over.

"Heating Butler" provides 24-hour service in the docking area

  "The heating housekeeper by your side" is a 24-hour uninterrupted "one-stop" heating service measure launched by Beiran Heating Company in 2019. The "heating housekeeper" is based on a team, and each team consists of residential buildings. , To provide residents with full coverage and zero-distance services. “Residents can find the "heating housekeeper" in their own area with a single phone call, and solve various common problems such as low heating, water leakage, valve maintenance and repair." Vice President of Beiran Thermal Power Manager Wang Kun told reporters that in the past, residents found heating problems, mostly by calling the unified customer service hotline, and then the customer service personnel sent orders to the maintenance personnel in the area.

Nowadays, the "heating housekeeper" directly connects to the residents in the area. Residents can find the maintenance staff who manage their own buildings when they have a problem. "This greatly saves residents' time and solves problems faster."

  Wang Kun said that each "heating housekeeper" team consists of multiple members who are responsible for maintenance, customer service reception, and charging. Some of the telephones are leaking in the heating pipe, and some are problems that residents can solve by themselves, such as opening the heating valve. For the latter case, we will also come to the door to help the residents open the valve."

  During the reporter's interview, Li Xiangkun's cell phone rang suddenly.

It turned out to be in the Shuanghe Nanli community. A resident had just finished decorating his house a few days ago, but he didn't know how to turn on the heating valve, so naturally he couldn't carry out pressure test.

After learning about the situation, Li Xiangkun said nothing, carrying a heavy toolkit on his back and heading to the residents' homes. "Although some situations can be clarified on the phone, since we are'housekeepers', we can help the residents more. "

  Li Xiangkun said, based on past experience, during the water test and suppression period, residents’ homes are more likely to run and leak. “It is recommended that residents call us as soon as possible, and at the same time, turn off their own radiator valves. , This can minimize losses."

"Temperature instrument" can transfer heating problems with one key

  Although it is said that the main job of the "heating butlers" is to solve the incurable diseases of the residents during the heating period, in fact their job is far more than that simple.

  Liu Dongyang, deputy director of the Guanyin Temple Heating Plant, said: “There are many old communities in our area, and there are relatively more elderly people. They have more problems.” A while ago, the “heating housekeeper” received a call. An old man’s heating pipe had a small problem, which was quickly resolved after the repairer came to the service.

Liu Dongyang recalled: "The client is a widowed elderly, who is getting older and has limited mobility. Our "butler" worried that the elderly would encounter difficulties at home, so he left the "Housekeeper Contact Card" to the elderly and told them what happened. Call the'butler' if necessary."

  In Liu Dongyang's view, since the "housekeeper" team has been set up, it is necessary to be "close" to the residents, "We have to be friends with the residents so that the service work can be better carried forward."

  A while ago, Beiran Heating Power Co., Ltd. installed a “warming instrument” in the homes of some residents on a trial basis. If the room temperature of the residents’ homes is not up to the standard, the abnormal room temperature will be uploaded to the company’s central platform immediately, without the residents calling the customer service number. "Heat Butler" can come directly to troubleshoot the problem.

  At the same time, there is another purpose for installing the "Wencai Instrument".

Liu Dongyang said: "Especially for the lonely elderly, once they have an accident, or if they have any needs, press the alarm button on the thermometer, and we will immediately arrange for a technician to come to help, which can also reduce the occurrence of some accidents."

  Beijing News reporter Wu Tingting

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