For Kim Kardashian, the relationship with her 8-year-old elder, North, is not always easy.

Indeed, the child does not have his tongue in his pocket, and she does not hesitate to hurt her mother by telling her what she thinks of her tastes.

And the reality star, who just made her SNL debut, feels frustrated for being walked on with every disagreement with her daughter.

"She thinks of a pike that's going to hit me and she says, 'Your house is so ugly, it's all white!

Who lives like this? ”

She thinks it hurts me, and it's kinda nasty, because I love my house, ”she said in the first episode of

Mom Confessions

, Ellen DeGeneres' new show.

Dirty kid!

In addition, little North never misses an opportunity to troll her mother when she is working, that is to say when she is recording Stories.

Last month, the girl interfered in a promotional video of her mother, pointing out that she had a different voice than normal, before attempting an impersonation.

"Am I talking like that?"

Kim Kardashian was surprised before seeing her daughter respond positively as reported by Entertainment Tonight.

"This is how it goes", wrote the star in the legend of his Story, disarmed by the insolence of his daughter.

It remains to be hoped for Kim Kardashian that the rest of the siblings will not follow the same model!


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