• Last week, 6,800 advertisements were listed by Pôle emploi for the Alpes-Maritimes.

  • In 2019, at the same time, there were 6,700.

  • The hotel and catering industry, logistics and health are particularly dynamic sectors of activity in the department.

In the end, more fear than harm?

In the French Riviera ranks of Pôle Emploi, where it has been feared that the Covid-19 will permanently slow down certain sectors, the trend is finally "positive" while the crisis seems to be receding.

“The volume of job offers returned to its 2019 level during the summer and now remains stable,” says Fabien Paravisini, in charge of Expertises d'avenir within the public establishment.

Last week, 6,800 advertisements were listed for the Alpes-Maritimes.

In 2019, at the same time, there were 6,700.

Certain fields of activity are even particularly dynamic.

The hotel and catering industry still in the lead

He crystallized fears.

The main provider of job offers in the department seems to have finally held up well.

The number of announcements is even up 7% compared to 2019. "We currently have 300 offers in the kitchen and 250 in service, just for 06", specifies Fabien Paravisini. 

On certain qualified positions, the tension is a little higher, certain profiles having decided to reorient themselves during confinement.

Pôle emploi also makes it known that it offers 3,000 training courses, just by the end of this year, in the Alpes-Maritimes.

Logistics at the top, trade at half mast

It is one of the few sectors that has not returned to its pre-crisis level.

With the exception of certain trades (hairdressing, bakery, butcher's shop, etc.), "the trade is on a lower recruitment dynamic" even if it is still in second position, ahead of personal services and construction, confirms Fabien Paravisini.

While, at the same time, 300 positions are to be filled in logistics.

"This is 15% more than in 2019, which could be explained by a transfer to e-commerce", also analyzes the manager.

The establishment of Amazon, in Carros, and soon Ikea, in Nice, is not for nothing.

The Swedish giant began hiring with "a lot of warehouse and order picker positions".

The specific needs of the industry

Last week, a job dating with 200 new hires was organized at the Industria fair.

The sector does indeed have "fairly specific needs", explains Fabien Paravisini.

In the Grasse region, with perfumes, but also in Carros or La Trinité, we are looking for laboratory technicians, engineers, line operators and packaging operators.


In Cannes, recruiters pass a "casting" to aspiring servers and clerks


In Nice, we test interviews in the dark to "put the recruiter and the job seeker on an equal footing"

Unemployment is also declining, close to its 2019 level

The share of job seekers in the active population of the Alpes-Maritimes was 9% in the second quarter, according to Pôle emploi.

It is a little better than for the Paca region (9.1%), but much worse than for the average in France (7.8%).

In the department, the situation has almost returned to the level of 2019 (8.8%).

On the Côte d'Azur, the unemployment rate had fallen sharply to reach 8.1% in the first quarter of 2020 before climbing to 10.2% at the end of the first confinement.

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