• Hemeroteca Spencer Tunick: 'I make people undress because deep down I'm shy'

Hundreds of

naked people painted white

walked through a desert space near the

Dead Sea

, as part of the latest photographic project by American artist

Spencer Tunick


Tunick, dressed in black, directed the scene perched on the roof of a vehicle, giving orders with a megaphone.

The 54-year-old photographer visits Israel invited by the Ministry of Tourism to

photograph the Dead Sea with naked people for the third time


"For me the body represents beauty and life and love," said Tunick, who has held such nudist events in various parts of the world.

Tunick photographed more than 1,000 nude models a decade ago on the shores of the salt lake, which loses a meter each year.

Spencer Tunick gives instructions to participants.AMIR COHENREUTERS


severe phase-out of the Dead Sea

has been exacerbated as Israel and Jordan have used the water that flows higher up for agriculture or as a drink, in addition to mineral extraction and accelerated evaporation due to climate change.

On Sunday, Tunick placed his models on colored stony hills facing the turquoise lake.


200 people, men and women

, listened to his instructions to walk or stop.

He said he covered his models with white paint to

evoke the biblical story of Lot's wife

, who is said to have been turned into a pillar of salt.

Participants of the photography session, this Sunday.MENAHEM KAHANAAFP

PhD student

Anna Kleiman

, 26, said she joined the event as a way to raise awareness of the environmental crisis.

The project was funded by the

tourism ministry

, which paid tickets and expenses, and the

city ​​of Arad

provided staff and assumed other expenses, said Hassan Madah, the ministry's marketing director for the Americas.

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