On the morning of the 17th, strong cold air entered Hokkaido and it became cold in various places, and in the plains, we observed the first snow of this season in Asahikawa City, Wakkanai City, and Abashiri City for the first time this season.

According to the meteorological observatory, the strong cold air of mid-November entered the sky in Hokkaido on the 17th, and the lowest temperature until 5 pm

was minus 0.1 degrees in Engaru-cho Shirataki

and 0 degrees in Kamikawa-cho and Horokanai-cho Shumarinai.

It was the coldest of the season in various places.

In the plains of Hokkaido, the first snowfall was observed in Asahikawa, Wakkanai, and Abashiri for the first time this season, and the first snowfall was observed in Mt. Teine in Sapporo, Mt. Yokotsu in southern Hokkaido, and Mt. Meakan in eastern Hokkaido. ..

It was also snowing early in the morning at Nakayama Pass and Rusutsu Village.

The temperature in Hokkaido will continue to be low even on the 18th, and snow is expected to accumulate in high-altitude mountain passes and mountainous areas, and the meteorological observatory is calling for attention to the impact on traffic due to snow accumulation and freezing of the road surface.

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