Should we see here the beginnings of a fifth epidemic wave?

It is of course too early to tell, but on Wednesday, for the first time since mid-August, more cases of Covid-19 were detected than the previous Wednesday (as a moving average over seven days, hence the figures published only on Saturday evening).

In short: the contaminations curve is on the rise again.

The number of cases rose 4.1% in one week to just over 4,400 cases on average on Wednesday.

This is a level which is low, but twice as high as at the bottom of the wave after the end of the last confinement, in June.

At the same time, as indicated by Covidtracker, which collects and aggregates epidemic data, the number of tests is stable in France.

That is, the increase in cases is not linked to an increase in screenings.

"It is therefore highly likely that epidemic activity is intensifying," analyzes the creator of the site, Guillaume Rozier, on Twitter.

This is not necessarily surprising as we saw last winter that the low temperatures and humidity were very conducive to better transmission of Covid-19.

The number of detected cases of Covid is up slightly, for the first time since last July: + 4.1% in one week.

It remains quite low (4,411 cases per day).

- GRZ (@GuillaumeRozier) October 16, 2021

The next few days will be key to knowing if the rise will be sustainable or if we are heading towards a "low floor" of contamination.

However, in the days to come, epidemic data may be disrupted by the end of the free "comfort" tests that came into effect on October 15: monitoring of the epidemic in France will probably be less efficient, at the end of the day. less temporarily.

Still according to Covidtracker, for the moment “health indicators (hospital admissions, deaths) remain down or stable,” says Guillaume Rozier.

" For the time being.



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