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remains at

low risk



in most of the autonomous communities.

The data of the coronavirus in Spain

Total figures

: 4,984,386 confirmed coronavirus cases with a diagnostic test for active infection;

There have been 86,974 deaths with a positive test as of October 15.

  • 804,840 in Andalusia (11,225 dead)

  • 161,811 in Aragon (3,863 dead)

  • 71,073 in Asturias (2,070 dead)

  • 99,982 in the Balearic Islands (969 dead)

  • 96,069 in the Canary Islands (1,004 dead)

  • 46,528 in Cantabria (608 dead)

  • 239,232 in Castilla-La Mancha (6,484 dead)

  • 300,172 in Castilla y León (7,330 dead)

  • 923,748 in Catalonia (15,797 dead)

  • 7,578 in Ceuta (128 dead)

  • 512,151 in the Valencian Community (7,793 dead)

  • 102,908 in Extremadura (2,000 dead)

  • 186,989 in Galicia (2,643 dead)

  • 894,546 in Madrid (16,159 dead)

  • 11,047 in Melilla (109 dead)

  • 141,558 in Murcia (1,742 dead)

  • 82,830 in Navarra (1,250 dead)

  • 261,760 in the Basque Country (4,977 dead)

  • 39,564 in La Rioja (823 dead)


The new cases of covid-19 in Navarra were reduced this Saturday to 25 positives


new cases of covid-19

were reduced this Saturday in



25 positives

, 15 less than the previous day, according to provisional data from the Regional Government.

The areas with the most cases this Saturday were the


neighborhood of Pamplona

(5) and the towns of


(4) and



Yesterday there were four new admissions for this cause.

The number of hospitalized was 23, 4 of them in the ICU.


3.2 million children will be able to be vaccinated this fall: what will the pediatric covid vaccine look like

It wasn't expected before 2022, but things have been going so fast that 3.2 million children ages 5 to 11 could be starting to get vaccinated against


this fall.

Will it be the same as in adults?

What dose will they be given?

Will those who have passed it also do it?

Can it overlap with others?

First of all, the regulatory agencies must make a decision: from the Ministry of Health they insist that in this matter, as in all cases, they will go hand in hand with the

European Medicines Agency (EMA)

, whose pronouncement on the pediatric vaccine

"can that it occurs shortly, "

according to what the head of the department, Carolina Darias, slipped this week.

If it comes true, what will it be like?

Well, the same as in adults:

two punctures separated by 21 days, with the difference in the dose, which is between three and ten times lower

- depending on age and weight - than that of the elderly, which is 30 micrograms.


Coronavirus infections rise in Madrid, but hospital pressure drops


Community of Madrid

has notified

359 new coronavirus infections

this Saturday

(28 more than on Friday),

four deaths in hospitals

(one more than the day before) and a

decrease in hospital pressure

, both in the plant and in the units of intensive care (ICU).

Of the 359 new positives, 291 have been reported in the last twenty-four hours, according to the epidemiological report of the Ministry of Health corresponding to this Saturday.


inpatient floor down from 331 to 302


critically ill patients admitted to intensive care units (ICU) also descend to 96

, two less than yesterday.

Hospital pressure in the ward has dropped this Saturday compared to seven days ago, when there were 336 hospitalized patients, as well as in the ICU, since the previous Saturday there were 124

covid patients

in intensive care units.


Melbourne to emerge from lockdown next Friday after longest lockdown in the world

The authorities of

the Australian state of Victoria

announced this Sunday that they will end the quarantine decreed in August on Melbourne, the city in the world with the most days under an isolation order, next Friday.

The head of the regional government,

Daniel Andrews

, indicated at a press conference that they plan to reach the mark of

70% of the population over 16 years of age vaccinated with the full schedule

before the 22nd, when a large part of the measures implemented against the latest outbreak of



Melbourne, with about

5 million inhabitants

, the second most populated city in the oceanic country, will have spent

262 days under confinement

until next Friday

, adding the six different periods in which emergency measures have been implemented.


Spain delivers a batch of 151,200 doses of covid-19 vaccines to Guatemala

The Government of Spain gave



third donation of vaccines against covid-19

this Saturday


in this case 151,200 doses from the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, through the Covax Mechanism of the World Health Organization (WHO).

With this shipment,

Spain accumulated a total of 660,000 doses donated to the Central American country

since the first one on August 5, corresponding to 201,600 doses from the same laboratory;

and the second transfer of 307,200, on September 16.

The Minister of Public Health and Social Assistance, Francisco Coma, stressed that with this third donation

Spain became the European country that has made the most donations to the Central American country

, an extreme that he thanked on behalf of the Guatemalan Government and people.

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