A bus driving experience event was held in Hiroshima City to secure human resources for bus drivers, who have a serious labor shortage.

This experience session was held by the Hiroshima Bus Association at a driving school in Asaminami Ward, Hiroshima City, and a total of 30 people participated.

The experience session was divided into 6 people per group, and the instructor set an example of bus driving at the beginning.

Participants explained that the instructor needs to be careful because the "inner wheel difference" in which the rear wheels pass inside the front wheels is larger than that of a normal car, and that the bus departs and brakes softly to suppress the impact. Experienced driving such as turning left and S-curve.

People working as drivers at a bus company also visited the venue, and the participants were asked about how to inspect vehicles and how to work for night buses.

A man in his thirties who participated said, "I was interested in driving a bus because I can't usually drive it, but I actually experienced it and realized the difficulty. It was an opportunity to consider becoming a bus driver. I did. "

Yasuhide Akagi, Managing Director of the Hiroshima Bus Association, said, "The bus industry is currently in a very shortage of drivers, so I hope that more people will become familiar with the bus through the experience-based event and become drivers. I am doing it. "

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