As of 2020, Chinese online literature has exported more than 10,000 works overseas

  Web Text Becomes the Largest IP Source of Chinese Cultural Products "Going to the Sea"

  Online literature has been overseas for nearly 20 years and has become the largest source of IP for Chinese cultural products going overseas.

"2021 China International Cyber ​​Literature Week" was held recently.

The "Internet Literature International Promotion Film" and "Chinese Internet Literature International Communication Report" released by the Chinese Writers Association at the opening ceremony show that as of 2020, Chinese online literature has exported more than 10,000 works overseas.

  New business card

  The international spread of online literature has achieved remarkable results

  According to reports, among the more than 10,000 works, more than 4,000 physical books were authorized and more than 3,000 online translation works.

There are more than 100 million users who subscribe to the website and read the App, covering most countries and regions in the world, and the effect of international communication is remarkable.

  The Reading Group has successfully exported IP including "Celebrating the Years", "Zui Son", "Ghost Blowing Lantern", "Langya List" and "Full-time Master".

At the Fifth China "Online Literature+" Conference held from October 9th to 11th, Sun Danqing, head of overseas business content of China Reading Group, introduced that its overseas portal, Starting Point International, took more than four years to absorb and cultivate Nearly 300 excellent translators and editors from all over the world have launched more than 1,700 translation works and cultivated nearly 190,000 overseas authors, covering English, Spanish, Indonesian, Hindi, Malay and other languages.

  Aiming at the market opportunities that lack a powerful digital reading platform in Arab and Latin America, Wuzhou Communication Publishing House launched that'sbooks platform.

Guan Hong, deputy general manager of Wuzhou Media Co., Ltd., revealed at the Fifth China Online Literature + Conference that currently, that'sbooks Spanish APP has reached 520,000 downloads, and its users cover Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile and other countries; Arabic The APP has more than 6.4 million downloads, and its users are in 175 countries and regions around the world. It ranks second in the ranking of local Arabic digital reading platforms. It is evaluated by mainstream Arab media as a "Chinese gift for Arab readers".

  A report from the Outlook Think Tank further pointed out that online literature is the largest source of IP for Chinese cultural products going overseas. The coverage area has expanded from Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, and North America to Europe and Africa. It has now spread all over the world and has become a new business card for Chinese culture to the world.

  New engine

  The charm of Chinese culture attracts overseas readers

  With the continuous upgrade of online literature going overseas, more and more film and television works adapted from Internet literature IP have been welcomed overseas.

The TV series "Fuyao" adapted from "Queen of Fuyao" appeared on mainstream video websites in Europe and the United States and multinational TV stations, triggering a global movie watching boom; the TV series "Tiansheng Long Song" adapted from "Phoenix Power" became the first China pre-ordered at the highest level by Netflix The costume drama is being translated into more than a dozen languages ​​and going global.

  At the end of 2019, while the TV series "Celebrating the New Year" was successful in China, it also landed on a variety of new media platforms and TV stations in 27 countries or regions on five continents, including South Korea, and was well received.

In October 2020, the first volume of the Korean edition, "Celebrating More Than Years: An Ancient New World", was officially launched in South Korea, and it was ranked among the top lists of South Korean search engine and portal site NAVER "Bestsellers".

Others such as "Ghost Blowing Lantern", "Full-time Master", "Jiangye", "Well Your Light Will Be Good", "Panlong", "Chance of the Destiny", and "The Legend of Mortal Cultivation" have also been well received abroad.

  Why are overseas readers attracted to these Chinese online literature works?

According to Sun Danqing, head of overseas business content of China Reading Group, overseas readers can feel the charm of Chinese culture such as brothers and friends respect, respect for teachers, and respect through the characters written by Chinese online literature writers.

Internet writer Liu Xiahui has created novels such as "Doctor Genius" with the theme of Chinese medicine, "Ultimate Teacher" with the core of Taiji, and "Shunting" with the theme of cultural relic identification.

In his writing, the theme is traditional Chinese culture, and he firmly believes that the nation belongs to the world.

The "talking elbow" of the post-90s online writers put it more directly, "The core competitiveness of online literature is the story. Online literature will inevitably become one of the important engines for the development of the cultural industry in the future, because there are a group of people who can tell stories most. people."

  New opportunity

  Help more female authors achieve financial independence

  After the global epidemic broke out in 2020, the profession of online literature writers has attracted more and more people to write part-time or full-time online due to its flexibility and stable income. It has also changed the lives of many authors, especially female authors.

  "We see that creation has the opportunity to help more female authors around the world achieve financial independence. Among the creators of Start International, women account for 53%. A female writer from Bangladesh was forced to accept the marriage arranged by her father. The love story of is well received by readers. Monthly royalties have become an important source of income for the family. After achieving financial independence, she finally had the courage to refuse an arranged marriage. A female writer from the Philippines is a young full-time mother, After becoming a writer, she has more time to take care of young children, and the income from writing far exceeds what a full-time job can provide." Sun Danqing revealed that Starting Point International has established a balance between the interests of writers, translators and readers. A profitable business model, while also encouraging writers to create more stable and sustainable creations through a complete writer welfare system and resource support plan.

  In the first Arab online novel creation competition held by Wuzhou Communication Publishing House, it was also a woman who won the first place.

The female doctor of literature from Palestine, Ella Naim, said bluntly: "that's books opened a window for the spread of Arab culture." Guan Hong introduced that this is currently the only online literary competition in the Arab region and it also covers the Arab region. The country’s widest, most contested, and most influential literary competition. Many young people who love literary creation have realized their dreams of being discovered by publishers by participating in the competition.

  Nevertheless, the overseas spread of online literature is still in its infancy.

"Lord of Mysteries" was called a work "belongs to all people on earth" by foreign media. Its author "Squid Who Loves Diving" told a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily that if online literature wants to go to the sea better, one must rely on it. Scientific and technological methods have unearthed the reading preferences of readers in different overseas regions, and targeted overseas works. On the other hand, it is necessary to strengthen the cultivation of overseas original writers and realize the transition from overseas translation to localized creation, so that overseas web content can also bloom and enrich Colorful.

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