After anti-Semitism allegations by the singer Gil Ofarim against employees of a Leipzig hotel, video recordings of the incident are currently being evaluated.

"Several videos have been secured by the surveillance cameras," said a spokesman for the Leipzig public prosecutor's office for the German press agency on Sunday.

The evaluation has not yet been completed, so no information can be given about the content.

The newspaper Bild and the Leipziger Volkszeitung had previously reported that the surveillance videos may raise questions about the events described and also refer to investigators.

Accordingly, Ofarim's chain with the Star of David should not have been clearly visible on the videos.

"What exactly can be seen in the video is part of the ongoing investigation," said a police spokeswoman for the Leipzig police headquarters on request.

The newspaper Bild am Sonntag quoted the singer as follows: “The sentence that came up came from behind.

That means someone recognized me.

This is not about the chain.

It's actually about something much bigger.

Since I can often be seen on TV with the Star of David, I was insulted because of it. "

Ofarim reported in a video published on Instagram almost two weeks ago that other guests had been checked in before him at the reception.

When asked why these were brought forward, he is said to have been asked to pack his star.

In the video, Ofarim wears a silver chain with a visible Star of David around his neck.

Several advertisements at the public prosecutor's office in Leipzig

Ofarim's release of the video caused quite a stir.

There were demonstrations in front of the hotel.

The Leipzig public prosecutor's office has now received several reports of the incident, including from the hotel employee accused of defamation.

According to earlier statements, he describes the events differently than the artist.

Ofarim announced on Instagram on Tuesday that he had filed a complaint.

The Leipzig hotel itself also fought against the anti-Semitism allegations and launched its own investigations.

It hired a law firm to investigate what was going on and wants to evaluate testimony from other guests.

The company also reported a witness from the hotel lobby who did not confirm the musician's version to him.

Two employees were on leave for the duration of the investigation.

Ofarim is the son of the Israeli musician Abi Ofarim (1937-2018) and grew up in Germany.

He is known as an actor and singer, in 2017 he won the RTL dance show "Let's Dance".

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