Spider revealed the second plan.

Singer Gummy appeared as a special MC on SBS 'My Little Old Boy' (hereinafter 'Miu Bird'), which was broadcast on the 17th.

On this day's broadcast, Shin Dong-yup asked Gummy if she had ever felt that the child was special.

To this, Gummy said, "There is one special thing. There are things that singers do when they clear their throats, and they are really good at that. If I do, I will follow them."

Then, Seo Jang-hoon asked if there was a second plan.

To this, Gummy said, "Dongyeop oppa knows about my second plan," making everyone wonder.

Shin Dong-yup said, "I was having dinner with Jo Jung-seok, and when I asked him about his second plan, he said, 'Oh, I will definitely have a baby.' I had a phone call with Gummy, so when I talked about it, I said, 'Is that right? I didn't know, but your brother is like that?' revealed an unknown second plan, drawing attention.

And Seo Jang-hoon asked Miu Bird's official question, "Will you marry Jo Jung-suk even if you are reborn?"

After thinking about this for a while, Gummy said, "Actually, I didn't want to be reborn. I don't want to be reborn."

He continued, "But if I'm born again, and if my brother marries me again, I'm very grateful and I think I'll accept it of course." 

(SBS Entertainment News Editor Kim Hyo-jeong)

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