The "Shoe Shine Championship" was held in Okayama City on the 17th, competing for techniques to polish leather shoes beautifully.

The "Shoe Shine Championship" was planned for the first time by an executive committee made up of leather shoe enthusiasts, and was held at a department store in Kita-ku, Okayama City. In total, 8 people participated.

Polish the leather shoes within the time limit of 20 minutes, and compete for the gloss and balance of the finish, and the beauty of the action when polishing the shoes.

Participants used a brush to remove dust, then carefully applied cream or wax to the leather and polished it with a cloth to make the toes glossy.

Some participants used a small fan to dry the surface, and the visitors watched the competition with a serious expression.

Mr. Takuya Bank, an office worker in Okayama City who won the amateur division, said, "I can wear leather shoes while fixing them, and it is also attractive that the taste comes out."

Mr. Sodai Ishida, a member of the executive committee and the representative of the "Okayama Leather Shoes Circle", said, "The skill level of the participants was very high and it was a good tournament. I want to make it a tournament. "

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