There is not only the direct in life, there is also the replay.

From YouTube to Netflix, including replays of television channels and podcasts of radio stations,

20 Minutes

 concocts a list of things to see, or review, listen to or listen to again every Sunday.

"Dolorès", the "true crime" of Canal +

On June 3, 1974, Marie-Dolorès Rambla was kidnapped in front of her home in Marseille. His body will be found two days later. A young man, Christian Ranucci will soon be arrested, confess to having committed the crime and then reconsider his statements, claiming his innocence. He will be condemned to death, then executed, two years later. In 1978, the writer Gilles Perrault will examine the file in his book

Le Pull-over rouge

, a bestseller highlighting elements tending to exonerate Ranucci and based on the words of Jean-Baptiste, the little brother. of Marie-Dolorès, the main witness to the disappearance of her sister, aged 6 at the time of the events.


, the documentary mini-series launched Thursday on Canal + returns to the affair which caused much ink to flow in the 1970s and 1980s. But it is the subtitle, "the curse of the red sweater", which best illustrates the angle of these four episodes co-written by Julien Guérif and Brendan Kemmet (based on an idea by Aymone de Chantérac).

A single witness: a six and a half year old child, the victim's brother, the only one able to identify the murderer.

Dolores, the curse of the red sweater, only on @canalplus

- CANAL + Docs (@CanalplusDocs) October 16, 2021


true crime

tells the story of Jean-Baptiste Rambla over the decades, until he was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing a young woman in 2017, nine years after committing a first murder.

The reconstruction of many scenes with actors is not the most successful aspect, the pathos being sometimes too strong, but the account of the facts, nourished by numerous testimonies (investigators, journalists, relatives of the victims ...) and images archive is fascinating.

Loïc Prigent and the woman at the head of Dior

The simple fact that

Une femme à la tête de Dior

is directed by Loïc Prigent is enough to know that this documentary is worth the detour.

The fashion specialist, with such a particular tone knowing how to immerse us in this chic and glamorous universe without taking itself too seriously, followed Maria Grazia Chiuri in the design of the Dior Croisière 2022 collection. The first artistic director of the fashion house had to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences from the first drawings to the parade that took place in May in Athens.

This report, broadcast on France 5 Friday and to review here, also highlights the creative process and the vision of the designer.

A sugar-free podcast

Amazon Music launched its first French-speaking podcast this week: 

21 days


Pénélope Boeuf, assuming that it would take 21 days to get rid of a bad habit, is particularly involved in this project.

She challenged herself to give up, in three weeks, one of her “addictions”.

Starting with the sugar.

Every day, from Monday to Friday, the podcaster tells the story, in the first person, of this experience, in episodes of about ten minutes.

"I intend to wean myself," she announced in the press release.

Will she succeed?

Response over the days and… in a twenty-second episode which will be posted three weeks after the twenty-first for a first assessment.

Movie theater

Welcome to the Blumhouse, Home of Horrors from Amazon Prime Video


"Never show that to anyone" or how Aurélien became Orelsan

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