On the 17th, an event called "Cow Wish" (Ushiugan), which wishes for a disease-free life while cows go around the plaza seven times, was held in Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture.

"Cow Wish" is an event that has been held once every seven years for more than 200 years in the Yofuke district of Nago City. It has been.

A "cow turning" was held in the public hall square, and cows weighing nearly 600 kilometers slowly went around the square seven times.

When the cow passed in front of me, the local people applauded and wished for a disease-free life.

About a week later, beef meat will be distributed and dedicated to worship places and homes in the district.

An 85-year-old woman who participated said, "I wished for a healthy and long life."

In addition, a man in his 60s said, "Since it is once every seven years, I want the children to remember it and continue the festival for their ancestors."

Hideki Higa, Mayor of the Yofuke district, said, "I think that the corona sickness will end with the request for cows."

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