[Explanation] On October 16, the Shenzhou 13 spacecraft successfully entered space with three astronauts.

While the China Space Station welcomes its first female astronaut, the astronauts will once again refresh their stay in orbit.

  As the first female astronaut to enter the Chinese space station, Wang Yaping has entered space for the second time.

Recently, Pang Zhihao, the chief science communication expert of national space exploration technology, said in an exclusive interview with China News Agency that Wang Yaping's physical and mental conditions are relatively mature, and there is a clear advantage in sending her up.

  [Concurrent] Pang Zhihao, Chief Science Communication Expert of National Space Exploration Technology

  The female astronaut will stay in orbit for a long time. From her physical structure and psychological quality, she may be more mature, more stable, and more durable in adapting to the space environment.

She can bring vitality to the crew, make cooperation smoother, work more efficient, and be able to carry out more comprehensive aerospace medical experiments in the future.

  [Explanation] In order to welcome female astronauts to enter the space station, Chinese astronauts have made many preparations to ensure the long-term work and life of female astronauts in orbit.

Prior to this, the Tianzhou-3 cargo spacecraft sent cosmetics, women's clothing and other daily necessities to the female astronauts.

  [Concurrent] Pang Zhihao, Chief Science Communication Expert of National Space Exploration Technology

  She also customized her in-vehicle spacesuit, as well as the in-vehicle spacesuit that went up and returned, especially for her hands. Women's hands are relatively slender. We made a special hand mask for her, which is suitable for women. Gloves.

After she put it on, it will be more convenient for her to work or deal with other problems.

There is also an adjustment to the height and distance of her urine collection system; (in addition) she is equipped with chocolates, desserts and some blood supplements.

  [Explanation] Chinese female astronauts stationed in the Chinese space station for the first time, Wang Yaping will also become China's first female astronaut to carry out activities out of the capsule, and the Shenzhou thirteen crew will also include the male and female astronauts who leave the capsule for the first time in China.

  [Concurrent] Pang Zhihao, Chief Science Communication Expert of National Space Exploration Technology

  I think that female astronauts will go up to perform extravehicular operations, which will give birth to the first female (astronaut) in China's spacewalk.

This is not only an honor, but also we need to explore the laws, characteristics, advantages, etc. of female astronauts walking outside the cabin.

Female astronauts are generally short in stature, but this also has advantages.

Because the body is more difficult to control when moving outside the cabin, it is easier to control if the body is small, so that some more delicate tasks can be completed.

  [Explanation] Compared with male astronauts, what is special about the selection and training of female astronauts?

Pang Zhihao responded that the manned space mission is arduous, so high requirements are placed on the physical and psychological qualities of the astronauts. Female astronauts are no exception, and there are no special standards for them.

  [Concurrent] Pang Zhihao, Chief Science Communication Expert of National Space Exploration Technology

  The selection and training standards for male and female astronauts are basically the same, and there are no special selection and training standards for female astronauts.

After a lot of practice, including theoretical research (discovery), female astronauts have the ability to perform space missions, and in some aspects they feel more sensitive, have more detailed minds, consider problems more comprehensively, and pay more attention to ways and methods when dealing with problems. Communication skills are better.

  [Explanation] According to the space station construction mission plan, a total of 11 missions will be carried out this year and next two years, including 3 space station section launches, 4 cargo spacecraft and 4 manned spacecraft launches. The space station will be completed in orbit in 2022 and a nation will be built. Space laboratory.

  Comprehensive report by reporter Xu Pengpeng, Ma Shuaisha, Li Shuoxing

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