• Producer Jason Blum has established himself in ten years as a new master of horror with the films that have become franchises

    The Blair Witch Project


    Insidious ...

  • It is also present on platforms, with for example the anthology of films

    Welcome to the Blumhouse

    on Amazon Prime Video

  • The Halloween 2021 batch highlights under-presented characters in the genre: women, elderly, racialized ...

In ten years, the American producer Jason Blum and his company Blumhouse have established themselves as a benchmark in genre cinema, but also and above all have imposed a low budget model for big success, like films that have become franchises.

The Blair Witch Project



or American Nightmare. He even managed to attract writers like M. Night Shyamalan (

The Visit



) or Jordan Peele (Oscar winner

Get Out

), or to grab and relaunch cult films like


, whose

Halloween Kills



theaters on Wednesday. .

No screen, big or small, escapes him with also a presence on the platforms, including the anthology of films

Welcome to the Blumhouse

on Amazon Prime Video.

Four films had been proposed for Halloween 2020 around love and family, and where

Black Box

and its history of experimental treatment for amnesia stood out.

This year, four new films explore institutional horrors and personal phobias, and feature under-represented characters in the genre.

"Bingo Hell", the bingo of hell

Lupita, a Mexican in her sixties, takes a dim view of the takeover of the local bingo hall, especially since her friends and neighbors win the jackpot there… before dying in excruciating pain!

She decides to take up arms to protect her beloved neighborhood from an evil force, and no, it's not about gentrification.

Finally, yes, for the metaphor.

Schoolboy and gore comedy,

Bingo Hell

would dream of

Bubba Ho-tep

, but shows its length, where a sketch of

Tales from the Crypt

would have sufficed.

"The Manor", the EHPAD from hell

After suffering a mild stroke, Judith Albright reluctantly moves into a nursing home steeped in history where she begins to believe that a supernatural force is killing the residents there.

And two, two films starring an elderly woman, here played by none other than Barbara Hershey, 73, famous for Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation of Christ or Jane Campion's Portrait of a Woman.

She delivers a performance on edge in a story of a haunted (retirement) house after all classic, but in which the filmmaker Axelle Carolyn breathes enough life, and death, to make the difference.

And scared.

"Madres", the community of hell

Awaiting their first child, a Latin American couple move to a farming community in 1970s California, where wife Anita is soon beset with terrifying visions and curious symptoms.

Jordan Peele has proven with

Get Out



and even the recent


that gender and horror are roundabout ways of dealing with the issue of racism in Hollywood.


by Ryan Zaragoza is a new representative, effective if not original, to which it is possible to prefer the series

Them - Them

over a black family settling in a white residential neighborhood in the 1950s, also available on Amazon Prime Video.

"Black as Night", the vampires of hell

A resourceful, revenge-driven teenager spends her summer in her hometown of New Orleans fighting vampires alongside her friends.

Buffy, is that you


No, her name is Shawna (Asjha Cooper), but she's just as cool and badass, and director Maritte Lee Go manages to make

Black as Night

both a pure




and a social commentary on the aftermath. Katrina, without the two interfering with each other.

We have perhaps the best Blumhouse of this Halloween 2021.

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"Killer Game", "Fear Street", "Slasher" ... The return of the masked killers on the big and small screen

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"Candyman", "Terror on the line", "Remember last summer" ... When the cinema is scared with urban legends

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