Linda de Mol can't imagine ever ending up on a dating app.

"I hope not," the presenter tells

De Telegraaf


De Mol has been working with composer Jeroen Rietbergen since 2007 and has never used anything like Tinder in her life.

"I always just ran into them," says the presenter, who is the face of the new dating program

De Dating Quiz

on SBS6.

If she suddenly became single again, she would at most install an exclusive dating app.

"There seems to be an app where a lot of people who are known go. You have to be allowed for that too. Maybe I would dare, but I don't know."

In De Mol's new program, singles are paired up and compete against each other in a quiz, without having seen each other yet.

They can win a cash prize and when they are out of the game they get to see each other for the first time.

They can then choose whether it ends there, or whether they want to give love a chance.

The Dating Quiz

can be seen on SBS6 from Sunday October.