On October 15, blizzards occurred in many places in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia, and many sections of roads were covered with heavy snow, and the deepest part of the snow could reach 30 cm.

  The local Hulunbuir Border Management Detachment Hadatu Border Police Station quickly organized rescues.

  Through more than 6 hours of dragnet search and rescue, more than 300 lost sheep were successfully found in the depths of the Wubul Baolige grassland, which recovered nearly 800,000 yuan in economic losses for the masses.

  Up to now, the local wind and snow has gradually stopped, and the border management teams of the Hulunbuir Border Management Detachment have successfully rescued more than 120 people and nearly 40 vehicles trapped in the wind and snow.

(Made by Zhang Wei, Lu Haojun, and Chen Feng from Inner Mongolia Hulunbuir Border Management Detachment)

Editor in charge: [Liu Xingchen]