Yasmina Kattou 7:30 am, October 16, 2021

The Covid-19 screening tests became payable on Friday for unvaccinated French people, few in number at the start of the day in pharmacies, but will have to live with this new rule as best they can, seen as an incentive to be vaccinated.


The gesture had been free for eighteen months and the start of the Covid-19 epidemic in France: the tests, reimbursed for everyone until Friday, are no longer for those not vaccinated except for medical reasons .

A news received variously in pharmacies that perform tests, while the incidence is 45 at the national level, a rather low level that France did not know a year ago, with the establishment of a cover. fire then a second confinement.

A year later, it is the sanitary pass that occupies the minds.

"I will pay, I will pay!"

"I will pay, I will pay! I refuse to be vaccinated", ton Jacqueline, 70, who has just paid 25 euros for an antigen test in pharmacies, test necessary to take his train this weekend. Not enough to discourage the retiree, however. "For me, it's not expensive because I have a good income. It's not normal to charge me. It's to charge people like me who have convictions against the vaccine. But when we is lucky, like me, to have a choice, that won't change a thing. "

But others have no choice.

Twenty-five euros per test for 72 hours of validity is too expensive to pay, says Sana.

Too bad for his social life.

"I was planning on going out but it won't be possible and that's okay. But, for example, I don't see why I would pay for a drink. I won't go out and there is There was no death of a man either. But hey, it's still enormously restrictive. "

Prescriptions to get around the rules?

The question now is whether the unvaccinated will accept having to pay regularly or not come out with this constraint.

"It's a good question, but it does not mean that I would get vaccinated, honestly", loose the Parisian.

She does not rule out asking her doctor for prescriptions so that these comfort tests are reimbursed anyway.

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