Last night, the Kaag en Braassem police seized a delivery van near Woubrugge and imposed a driving ban.

A few hours later, the same driver was caught by the police in Alphen with the same, this time on a scooter.

A 41-year-old driver from Oestgeest drove on Vierambachtsweg with an invalid driver's license and refused to cooperate with a blood sample, police said via Twitter.

A few hours later, Alphen police respond to the same message via Twitter with a sequel to the story.

This time the driver was caught with a moped.

That's how they let you know.

"With a police report of driving during a driving ban, refusal of a blood test and driving under the influence, he was allowed to leave after a few hours with a new driving ban of 24 hours."

The driver later also tested positive for various drugs via a saliva test.