At 12 temples and shrines in Kyoto, an event to unveil cultural properties that are normally invisible began on the 16th.

This special exhibition is held every spring and autumn, and this year began on the 16th at 12 temples and shrines in Kyoto and Yawata.

Of these, at Kamigamo Shrine in Kita-ku, Kyoto City, about 30 cultural properties, including buildings such as the main shrine and Gonden, which are national treasures that are normally inaccessible, and important cultural properties are open to the public.

The diary of the shrine, which is registered as a national important cultural property, was written in 1863 in Bunkyu 3 and states that Emperor Komei visited the shrine to pray for Joi. increase.

In addition, tools and offerings used for agricultural rituals from rice planting to harvesting were also exhibited, of which the front tag and the wooden brewery made sake to be used in the ritual "Daijosai" accompanying the coronation of Emperor Showa. , It was used at a brewery in the precincts.

Mizumi Nakano of Kamigamo Shrine * Mr. Yoshinori said, "I would like you to take this precious opportunity to worship in front of the main shrine, which you normally cannot enter, under the guidance of a priest."

This special exhibition will be held until December 5th at Kamigamo Shrine, although the session varies depending on the temple.

* The left side of "禰" is not "show" but "ne".

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