Drunk driving leads to illegal eating please

  "This meal and this glass of wine are the last time I have eaten in my life." On October 13, facing the cadres of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Dingnan County, Jiangxi Province, a section member of the County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau. Zengmou was very regretful.

  Prior to this, the county Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision carried out a large-scale investigation of the problem of drunk driving and drunk driving among party members, cadres and public officials.

The Fifth Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Office is responsible for the preliminary inspection of the former head of the Food Safety Supervision and Management Unit of the County's Market Supervision Bureau, Zhang Mou, and the section member Zeng Mou, which were handed over by the traffic control department.

  In a routine conversation, Zeng explained that food safety inspections were carried out on the same day. After the work was over, Zhang received an invitation and went to a local high-end catering hotel for dinner. During the period, two people were seized by the traffic control department for drunk driving.

  "You only have two people, why did you choose to eat in a high-end hotel?" the inspector asked.

  "At that time, it was just a convenience. Anyway, it is the work meal. It is the same everywhere. Moreover, we bought the bill by ourselves. Chief Zhang and the screenshot of WeChat payment." Zeng seems to have been prepared.

  "Why should two people choose to eat a work meal in a box? There are boxes where more than 10 people can sit." The verification team asked.

  "Uh...this..." Hearing this, Zeng suddenly became nervous.

  "Your WeChat payment time is 14:37, and the amount is 954 yuan. Is the consumption so high after working meals and working hours?" Faced with a series of follow-up questions from the verification team, Zeng finally bowed his head.

  At the same time, after another group of inspectors confirmed Zhang's conversation, the "secret" behind this "working meal" finally surfaced.

  It turned out that after the inspection that morning, the hotel owner Huang invited Zhang to stay for lunch and called Zeng to come with him.

In the meantime, Zhang and Zeng picked up their wine glasses under the persuasion of everyone.

After the meal, the two people were stopped by the traffic police on duty at the intersection near the hotel on their motorcycles.

The two people who were afraid of the incident did not truthfully explain their occupations and units to the traffic police. They also staged a "remedy" drama. Zhang returned to the hotel immediately after the on-site alcohol test and discussed with the hotel owner Huang. I used WeChat to pay for part of the meal at noon that day in an attempt to conceal the facts.

  In the end, because drinking and driving violated the spirit of the eight central regulations at the same time, Zhang received a severe warning from the party and a removal from the government, and Zeng received a removal from the government.

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