It is a real crackdown that was carried out this week by the Central Office for the Repression of Violence to the Person (OCRVP) in the field of child crime.

Fifty-two people were arrested across the country, with very varied profiles.

The youngest is 22 years old, and that goes so far as to retirees.

"Some are socially very integrated, others more marginalized", but they would be "independent of each other" according to the OCRVP.

All are accused of having child pornography images.

But thanks to the hearings, potential acts of sexual assault and rape of minors were revealed "on the margins".

Further investigations will be carried out in this direction.

Since 2020, viewing and downloading child pornography images has also been punishable by five years' imprisonment, compared to two previously, and the perpetrators are automatically registered with the Fijais (automated judicial file of perpetrators of sexual offenses).

A 36-year-old teacher from Hérault arrested

Among those arrested is a 36-year-old teacher and municipal councilor in Bédarieux (Hérault), said the prosecutor of Béziers, Raphaël Balland. “During his custody, after defending himself, he ended up admitting to having a sexual attraction towards boys aged 16 to 18”, he added, in addition to having uploaded “immediately erased” child pornography images.

"The first operations of several computer and telephone elements seized at his home made it possible to confirm his sexual attraction to young men and adolescents," continued the prosecutor.

The man was indicted for detention, offering, making available and importing pornographic files featuring minors between October 2015 and October 2021, and placed in pre-trial detention.


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