In 2012, in the Sasago tunnel on the Chuo Expressway in Yamanashi Prefecture, the ceiling board collapsed and nine people died. We held a briefing session on our efforts.

In 2012, nine people died when the ceiling board collapsed in the Sasago tunnel on the Chuo Expressway in Otsuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture, and four cars became the underlay.

The Central Nippon Expressway held a briefing session on safety efforts for bereaved families every year, but it was canceled last year due to the influence of the new corona, and on the 15th it opened in Hachioji, Tokyo for the first time in two years. rice field.

It was the first time that a briefing session was held after a series of investigations on the accident was completed after the company employees were not charged in April last year, and President Yoshihito Miyaike of the Central Nippon Expressway said, "A precious lesson from the accident. We will develop human resources who can act autonomously with safety as the top priority, without being weathered. "

After that, the briefing session was held privately, but in addition to explaining the efforts of the last two years, the bereaved family asked questions about the cause of the accident.

Kazuyuki Mori, who lost his son in an accident, said, "We can evaluate the safety plan because it reflects our demands, but the regret and sadness of losing a child will not disappear. I would like to continue requesting the elucidation of the cause. "

Shinichi Ishikawa, who lost his daughter in an accident, said, "It was the first briefing session in two years, but I feel that there is a distance between our thoughts and the thoughts of the company. I am convinced that we have no choice but to have a dialogue. Therefore, I would like to convey our thoughts even if the faces of the officers change. "

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